Nils Spector



Cool +1
Hard +2
Hot -1
Sharp =0
Weird +3

Mr Smith +2
Marlon +2
Dez +3
Pitbull +2
Quade +0

Things Speak
Deep Insights
Spooky Intense
Noise Tracking
My Other Car is a Tank

3-Barter worth of oddments
Tool kit including crowbar (2-harm hand messy)
Shotgun (3-harm close messy)
Utility wear and tech worth 1 armour

Man with expressive face, squinty eyes, strange body (squat body, long arms), scraggly appearance, early 40’s

Has garage, a junkyard of raw materials, a relic of the golden age past (Sparky), and life support.

Nils has organised the local tech prospectors into a well-armoured self-sufficient loose-knit gang who scavenge in the ruins around Dust’s End and in Salt Lake City (Not The Real One) and bring tech back to Greyweed. They have set up crude accomodation in a corner of the junkyard, and there is usually a bunch of prospectors there at any one time. There is always at least one of Carna, Thuy or Pamming around; they act as lieutenants. (This is a 2-harm gang small 2-armour rich, vulnerable: desertion).

Tank: Heavily-armoured (3-armour), Fast, Off-road, Handcrafted-looking, Lazy, Loud van with Grenade Launchers (4-harm close area messy) called Diego.


Nils was born 40-odd years ago in the settlement that would become the hardhold Greyweed. He has always been slightly strange, not interacting with other kids very well and preferring his own company. In his early teens Nils’ SavvyHead abilities began to manifest, most notably by hearing items speak to him. His parents were even more mystified by this, and more than a little freaked out. After a couple of years they had had enough, and judging Nils able to look after himself, one night they left, never telling him where they were going. This didn’t phase Nils as much as you might expect, and he just got on with things, building himself a reputation as a more than competent mechanic and handyman. He has never felt the need to travel, but keeps up with news from other hardholds and communities, and used to hear snippets about his parents, but hasn’t heard anything for many years. Nils believes they are dead, as must be his older sister who had already moved away when his parents left, since there has been no word from her for more than 20 years.
Nils has his work, Sparky and hardball to keep him occupied and happy, and if he didn’t have to deal with people quite so much, life would be pretty sweet indeed.

Nils is working on:
Creating a bionic arm, and possibly metal teeth – next step: putting it together
Forming a gang of tech prospectors – DONE
Restocking his junkyard – specifically scrap metal – DONE
Stopping people from calling him a kiddy-fiddler
Redesigning the Desert Storm’s watchtower – DONE
Creating gates for Greyweed – DONE
A plan to wipe out those abominations, the Church of Noise
Making Tao into the best mechanic she can be – DONE
“Diego” – DONE
Getting a group organised to retake Salt Lake City (Not The Real One) and investigate/takeover/shutdown the foundry there

Nils Spector

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