Grayweed – small hardhold run by Mercer. In the middle of the weed-wastes. Has a working gasoline refinery

Edgewatch – mining town, on the edge of a huge crater

Dust’s End – nowhere town, about a days drive from Grayweed

Fucking Hell – large town on the other edge of the crater from Edgewatch, where it is said that anything you desire is available, for the right price

Mountains of the Maelstrom – Range of mountains 1 and a half to 2 days journey south of Greyweed, running southwest to northeast. While the mountains are not physically impassible, each of the three main passes are controlled by a self-proclaimed “King of the Mountains”. These bandit warlords spend much of their time and resources trying to wipe each other out. Not a safe region for anyone

The Weedmarsh – As you travel southeast from Greyweed, the weed gets thicker and the ground gets wetter, eventually becoming swampy until you reach the hills a day away from the hardhold

Blasted Hills – As the Mountains of the Maelstrom run northeast they become flatter and less rugged. At a certain point, known as the Blast Line, nothing grows and the hills are completely lifeless until they taper off into the wastes

The Salt Flats – On the far side of the Blasted Hills lies a huge plain of salt. One days drive east from the hills is a large lake of salt water

Salt Lake City (Not The Real One) – On an island in the salt lake is a ruined city invariably referred to as Salt Lake City (Not The Real One) though nobody knows why. The city is full of 2 things: tech, and hordes of surprisingly small rats. Prospectors have developed metal boots to wear while exploring the city to avoid being swarmed with tiny rodents, but they still need to be extremely careful in and around buildings


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