Dust to Dust

...Another day in paradise...

Yah know I’m on the verge of simply sayin fuck this town, fuck it’s inbreed waste burnt yokels, let the dumb fucks burn.

…Maybe I should back up a bit, ya see me n the rest of the crew get back in ta town n drift off ta do our own thing, I’m at a loose end so I offer ta give Pit a hand rigging the newly acquired spotlight in ta place so Nils can wire it up. As we are pissing round Shithead limps on over, mans taken a beating recently, a fact old Pit is less than happy about. Turns out Head – As he has had the shit beaten outta him for the time being – was off makin the beast with 2 backs with the daughter of one of the locals n as hewas walkin back ta the gangs compound, when he was jumped outside a the local watering hole.

Now as far as gangs go, it’s down ta the leader, in this case Pitbull ta crack heads when needs be, so some outsiders taking it on themselves ta mess with one of his boys is less than fucking desirable. So it comes down ta Pit ta make this right in the eyes of his gang.
So we wander over ta the local bar, at this point I’m in tow ta make sure Pit doesn’t kill someone, mainly cause the town can use all the meat shields it can muster at the moment. We try ta strike up a conversation with the bar keep but the unwashed fuck has massive chip on his shoulder over something n tries ta stone wall us. Fuck that. I remind Pit a how he dealt with the asshole in that bar in Edgeswatch… SMACK!

Now it’s round this point a few of the local seem ta get a bit edgy, now a fight in a bar in the wastes is like Nils getting excited when a school bus drives by… it just happens, so I have no fuckin idea as ta why their ears prick up till one ah the townsfolk in no uncertain terms tell Pit ta leave. Now I don’t just mean from the bar he is meaning pack up n leave the whole fucking town.

FOR FUCK SAKE! The towns folk seem ta have it in their pea sized brains that all this trouble with the Hounds is cause of the Desert Storm, fuck people they are the only thing we have going for us in this regard at the moment, if they left then Greyweed if truly fucked.
Now our troop has been through some shit of late so I don’t mean ta come over as all emotional n touchy feely but fuck at this point if I had ta choose between our whee band n the rest of the town I pick our mismatched crew ta ride off in ta the sunset with, Pitbull’s gang included, hell even the old war horse himself has grown on me. So between this turn of events n Mercs less than inspiring leadership of late I’m simply thinking FUCK IT.

But as much as all this pisses me of I still can’t let a piece a shit outfit like the Hounds ride over top ah me, not without a fight, maybe gut a few n get a chance ta kill their ring leader, the bondage looking arsehole.

So I let Rum know of all these goings on n head over ta find the others, turns out Dez has mind fucked Marlon and half the town is now bleeding out of their ears n Nils has had a visit from Mr Look… Just another day in paradise…

Session 12 - Summary

In attendance were:

Nils Spector, the Savvyhead
Mr Smith, the Battlebabe
Marlon, the Driver
Dez, the Angel
Pitbull, the Chopper

  • After salvaging some ammo, spare parts, and a searchlight with generator, Dez finds a heavily armed and armoured tractor that she claims
  • The convoy makes its way back to Grayweed without incident
  • Mercer and the mercenaries head to her office for a private meeting
  • Dez takes her new tank to Nils’ workspace
  • Pitbull and Mr Smith head to the gang’s holding to install the searchlight
  • Marlon heads to Pellet to drop off Matilda, and after seeing where she was being taken, heads to the bar to drown his sorrows with his blood money
  • Pitbull finds out that Shithead has been attacked outside Tum Tum’s bar, and takes Mr Smith to investigate
  • Dez goes to find Marlon while Nils speaks with the tank, and gets a vision of a skilled mechanic working in a foundry
  • Pitbull and Mr Smith interrogate Tum Tum, and Pitbull Tum Tum’s head into the bar in an attempt to gain information
  • Dez opens her brain to Nils in an attempt to recall his conversation with Mr Look, but when they finish Marlon has passed out and is bleeding from the ears
  • The patrons in the bar object to Pitbull’s attack, and a refinery worker named Bill tells them to get out
  • Dez and Nils discover other unconscious people, and give them first aid
  • After Mr Smith dismisses the bar patrons as idiots, he and Pitbull leave, with Pitbull planning revenge on Bill
  • After the unconscious people recover, they leave, casting fearful looks at Nils, while Marlon returns to his drinking
  • Dez heads to the gang holding, and persuades Pitbull to wait and talk to Shithead
  • Shithead gives them the details of the attack, and Pitbull calms down, though Dez warns Mercer about the potential problem
  • The mercenaries return to Edgewatch, having completed their inspection, with Quade remaining behind as a liason
  • A drunken Marlon stands outside Pellet’s house, regretting his decision
The new fella...

Well I’ll be fucked twice n called a whore , we made it outta Edgeswatch intact, hell we even seem ta have gotten some help from old Millions, granted the half dozen mooks travelling in the old pickup truck behind us seem a bit flighty but free meat shields can’t be turned down… But we did seem ta get a heavy hitter in the form of a fella named Quaid, tough looking fucker with a nice rifle on his back… seen Nils eye’n that up already in regards ta the shiny bangstick… Had a quick palaver ta him bout the church ah cunts that have taken up residence down in the crater of Edgeswatch. He didn’t seem ta know too much about em but was worth a try.

So we all meet up at the shit lake water hole n low n behold Marlon has a passenger in his car, our resident driver must be softening ta playin taxi. Well granted the woman has a bag on her head and she is passed out but we keep Nils around n hee has a even worse idea of what date night entails so each ta their own… Merca goes off her nut when she see he is running something on the side, well that’s what I guessing. Probably something ta do with those porn dealers back in town? Dez checks her out n next thing we know this mystery woman has grabbed her n shit gets weaird n they both scream n pass out… While all this is going on we hear a noise off ta the side n get that feelin that we are being spyed on, so time ta hit the trail as it were.
Now cause of the shifting nature of the wastes the terrain changes constantly n we find ourselves barrelling down the side of a gorge at night, now Nils must be off in his own we world, cause he seems ta speed up rather than slow down, not the tactic I would have used but the rest of our crew weren’t keen on me driving the wham-bulance home. ‘N what do ya fuckin know, up ahead there just seems ta be a wreak of a old car place across our path, well least I’ll get ta se how this new fella handles himself in a scrape. See everyone seems ta be expecting me ta be all marco n alpha male n all that bullshit about another heavy hitter turning up, but fuck I could care less, fact is may take some off the stress of me ta have ta step up all the time, with Merca seeming more n more useless these days maybe a change ah management isn’t the worse thing in the world. Still I don’t have much time for Millions but I ain’t ‘specting him ta just walk away from our town once this mess with the Sons ah Satan is over, no matter how sweet his new terms with Merca are now, but till I have ta pick sides me n Quid will get along just fine as long as he don’t fuck with me n mine.

So back ta the present, Nils actually seems ta speed up n rams the make shift road block, N we sail on past, course it then wedges in place n cuts us off from the rest of the convoy but shit we didn’t die in a ball of flames so that’s a bonus. Next thing we know a pair a spot lights are shinning down on us n we are all lit up… time ta earn my keep I guess… I bank left n Quid heads right, as I crest the top ah the rise I see Nils standing over the body of a unconscious mook with crow bar in hand n working on shifting the spot lights gaze off our lil troop. How the fuck does that boy have the ability ta pop up at the best time n then the next day he seems ta disappear ta fucking no ware at the worst a times… I’d ask him but I have a feeling he don’t rightly know himself.

Pity he don’t see the heavy coming up behind him though but that’s what I’m here for so I do my thing. Behind me I hear a crash as the other light goes out, nice ta see the new boy’s working out. I look back down the rise n see Marlon’s car hanging off the side of the gorge as Dez takes a flying leap on ta the bonnet ta act as a counter weight… fuck this has been a odd trip.
I double time it down the cliff side, just in time ta put myself between the see-sawing car n the oncoming ambushers, Quaid must ah leashed that fancy looking shooter off of his back as two ah the oncoming fuckers head suddenly turn in ta a red mist with a sweet poppin sound… I like that trick. n speaking ah sudden events Marlon car roars over precipice back ta safety, mowing down the last couple ah assholes as I leap ta the side.

So we seem ta be outta the woods, just another day in paradise ah guess…

Session 11 - Summary

In attendance were:

Nils Spector, the Savvyhead
Mr Smith, the Battlebabe
Marlon, the Driver
Dez, the Angel
Quade, the Gunlugger

  • Pierre sends Quade along with 5 other mercenaries to evaluate Grayweed’s defenses
  • Marlon arranges with Jimmy to leave Edgewatch via his smuggler’s route, and to deliver a box if cigars to Pellet
  • The group meets up at Devil’s Water, where Dez tries to awaken Matilda but gets some ominous visions instead
  • Quade and Mr Smith hear movement nearby, so they mount up and head south
  • As darkness falls, they approach a ravine leading down from the plateau
  • Nils sees a barricade ahead and smashes through it, but blocks the road behind
  • Spotlights light up on the cliffs, as a group of bandits begins shooting at the convoy
  • After the Whambulance is immobilised, Mr Smith climbs a cliff to one spotlight, only to find Nils already there
  • Quade shoots out the other spotlight, causing an explosion that kills several bandits
  • Marlon runs down several bandits, but then finds his Impala stuck hanging over a steep drop
  • Dez moves to help the injured mercs, but seeing Marlon in trouble runs to help
  • Mr Smith kills the bandit threatening Nils, and Nils takes control of the spotlight by speaking to it
  • As the bandits rush the Impala, Dez leaps on the bonnet to stop it falling into the pit
  • Quade snipes two bandits, and in the confusion Marlon runs down the others
  • Quade hears a mysterious voice congratulate him, and tell him to make sure they reach Grayweed safely
One fucking thing...

One simple fucking task, that’s all… one thing, just one, keep an eye on Nils.
Now I must be mistaken, ya see all my life I been thinkin I can speak English, so when I say “Keep Nils with you n outta trouble” what I actually seem ta be telling folks “spilt up n lose track ah Nils entirely in a town that thinks he is a paedophile witch, don’t worry bout him none, it will be fine.” MY FUCKING BAD!

K so lets step back a bit, me n Pitbull make it through the smugglers entry in ta Edgeswatch n manage ta get sum info on the old church ah noise along the way, one of the locals seems ta think they have set up shop down in the crater somewhere, sounds like they are up to their old tricks again picking off locals n so on… Least we manage ta arrange a guide ta show us where they been squatting.

So we head in ta down ta track down the others, 1st stop in the Donnelley Brothers porn emporium, where we meet up with Marlon who seems ta be shaking on sum kinda deal but lookin none to happy about it. When his business is all done n dusted I pose the million dollar question of “Where is Nils” to him… now see above on just how mortified I am at the fucking stupidity of my retarded travelling companions…
So with that spanner in the works me n Pit’ head over ta local Hardball game, we figure Nils is just oblivious enough ta wander through a town ah people who want lynch him just ta take a ball game in.

N’ what do ya know, standing up on the 2nd floor railing is the old monkey man himself, now ya can just about see the daggers comin outta peoples eyes n in ta Nils …. Of fuckin course as we walk in we see a bunch ah Edgeswatch inbreeds closing in on Nils…
I cut through the crowd while Pitbull takes the more direct approach n crashes through the Hardball game, somehow managing ta grab the freakin ball on his way. The penny must drop for old ape boy n he takes ta one ah the goons that’s closing in on him with his trusty crowbar while I come up behind another one n take out his knee.
Mean while down on the pitch Pitbull has seem ta have scored a goal, bad part of this is every motherfucker in spitting distance of him has jumped on his sorry ass in one hell of a dog pile. Now while I’m sorting out the local goons Nils makes his way down ta Pitbull n Dez who has turned up with the rest of our crew, is lending a hand so we can bug out. As I look over the now chaotic scene, which is fast turning in ta a full scale riot, I spy Merca drifting out a side door with Marlon, I wonder what that streak a weasel piss Millions squeezed outta her for comin ta our lil old towns rescue? Still better than the alternative tho, not to keen on becoming sum bikers fuck toy/snack…

I snap back ta reality just in time ta see sum fucker clock Dez on… bugger but least it’s nice ta see our lil angel gettin her hands dirty… So with that we limp on outta Edgeswatch n head back ta our shitberg of a town… Marlon seems duck out for a sec wonder what that’s about?

Session 10 - Summary

In attendance were:

Nils Spector, the Savvyhead
Mr Smith, the Battlebabe
Marlon, the Driver
Dez, the Angel
Pitbull, the Chopper

  • Nils gets held up at gunpoint, then knocked out and kidnapped
  • Dez and Mercer go to talk to Millions, who knows he holds all the cards
  • Pitbull and Mr Smith talk to Jimmy the smuggler, who tells them about possible Church activity in the Crater
  • Marlon delivers his cargo of smut to the Conollys, and negotiates his next job
  • Dez spills about the threat of the Hounds of Hell to Millions, and Millions renegotiates the fuel supply deal in return for sending militia to guard the refinery
  • Nils is rescues by Mr Look, who offers him a deal for the parts he needs
  • Pitbull and Mr Smith meet up with Marlon. Marlon heads to meet Dez and Mercer, while the others go looking for Nils
  • Pierre pushes Marlon too far, and gets punched for his troubles, but comes out of the encounter with the upper hand
  • Nils, oblivious to the charged atmosphere, enjoys a game of hardball, while the citizens of Edgewatch eye him warily
  • Mr Smith heads to protect Nils, while Pitbull takes the direct approach
  • Dez and Marlon arrive, and Dez joins the party while Marlon guards Mercer
  • Nils threatens all and sundry with his crowbar while Mr Smith takes out a potential attacker
  • Pitbull scores the final point of the game, but gets knocked out for his troubles
  • Nils and Dez recover Pitbull, but not without getting assaulted on their way out
  • Everyone meets up at the Whambulance, and retreats before things get even uglier
  • Marlon stops at the Conolly’s to collect his passenger
Same fucked up shit...

So as me n Pitbull are sneakin round the rim of the crater at Edgeswatch, I look back on the past few days n am once again reminded on how shit our place here on earth can be…
We get back from Dustsend still feelin like shit n the oddness just keeps on ah comin… the main things that stick in ma mind are Nils comin ta me for advice on woman.. seems Dez misread old Nil’s meaning on wanting a favour from her n turned up bottle o moonshine in one hand n her standards in the other n offered herself ta our tech head… now Dez is hardly sore on the old eyes but good old Nils freaks the fuck out n tells her NO! He in fact wants her help ta make sum kinda metal arm n fix ta his body… weird fucker…

Anyways this kinda kills the mood and leaves a bad taste in our angels mouth, so she storms off… Then he comes ta me n asks how ta fix the situation… Moron…
Next is the fact Pitbull n his crew have seem ta increased in size two fold n even set up a base of operations in town, now with the whole Edgeswatch situation going this is not a bad thing short term but old Merc best keep him n his in check, case he see fit ta over throw her n set up shop for himself on a bigger scale. Now that is just how it goes these days but if this was ta happen then I don’t see a place in the Desert Storm run town for yours truly n I wouldn’t put it past the old goat ta have me off’ed just ta make sure I didn’t come gunning for him if the shit hit the fan, ta be fair I probably would slit the old war horses throat if push came ta shove. Speakin ah Pitbull he seems ta be giving Dez the evils of late to… will keep n eye on that to…

Next if the fact that Dez, she has been a busy whee lass, was visited by a stranger calling himself Mr Look… wanted her ta steal Merc’s note book… Ta the girls credit she was up front with Merc n we went out looking for this mister Look joker but no sign of him… we have since stepped up the security round the place taking more note of who if comin in goin but that’s far to spooky ta be anything but bad.
As far as life for me the only other thing of note was the fact Marlon started ta teach me how ta drive, well drive the Wham!bulance that is (which I had repainted ta be less conspectuses) The lessons were going well till we were rudely interrupted by the supply runners from Fucking Hell turning all shoot ta shit, seems they have had a run in with Satans Reavers, a big bad biker gang, the kind that’ll kill ya, fuck ya n eat ya, in that order if ya don’t play by their rules, those rules being regular sacrifices in their name… needless ta say when they showed up a few hours later the “talks” didn’t go as well…

So this is how we found ourselves on the road ta Edgeswatch ta beg for old Million’s help… well some of us are there ta beg, namely Merc, who at the moment I am less than impressed with seein’ she didn’t seem ta have a plan for when this kinda thing did finally happen, I mean for fuck sake we live in the middle o nowhere with one of the few working gas processing plants left on this hell baked earth n her back up plan is ta run ta her biggest rival with her tail between her legs? Fuck me maybe a change of leadership isn’t a bad plan after all…

Anyways… me n Pit’ are, let’s say unwelcome in Edgeswatch, so we take the back way in, a old smugglers rout in ta town. The reason I’m here? Well I’m gonna find the church o noise fuckers that are hauled up in this snakes den, my arm still hurts n I have a few question for em… N I going take extra care ta make sure I get the answers I want…

Another day full of fun n games...

So I’m in a world of blackness, in fact the only reason I know I’m alive is the head splitting noise bouncing round in ma’ skull, I can only described it as a cross between metal grinding on metal n the scream of sum one being tortured… in short fucking unpleasant.

I can feel myself slowly drifting back ta the land of the living, only ta find my sorry ass sat in the middle of the street with Nils n some cock is shooting at us. We high tail it round the corner of the building in ta some cover but not fast enough n I get clipped on the side of my head, old Nils ta his credit managers ta get off a good shot n knock the gimp with the sniper rifle off his perch on the other side of the street n he tumbles down ta the front of the building. As I pulling my sorry as up off the deck another one of the gimp squad comes round the corner, hell least we know we are in the right place.
Now gimp number two seems ta have it in his head ta use me as a human shield n brings his blade up ta my neck, well fuck ta that. I stick my hand in the way, sure it hurts like hell but I managers ta put some distance between me n him.

Now I’m not too sure what the fuck happened but Nils seems ta have had the fear ah god but inta him n is running off down the street like there was a pre-school near by… Me n him are gonna have a chat about the do and fucking do not’s of a fire fight if we make it outta this alive… Anyways I’va bout reached my limit with these fucking tools n I feel ma gaze narrow n time slow down sum, suddenly these two hilly billy gas mask wear fetish freaks are filling their pants. So I send the one that cut ma hand off ta meet his maker n stroll on over ta our would be marksmen, where I bury ma blade deep in his melon. Time speeds up again n I hear gun fire from the 2nd floor of the building n see a silhouette wander past a blown out window… Well it don’t look like one of our boys so fuck it, I let ‘Liza sing loud n true, now from the red mist that sprays outta the window I seems ta have hit my mark.

Round this time I realize for the first time in days ma head ain’t screaming so I try ma luck n walk in ta the gimps HQ, this time I stay conscious. First thing I’m stuck by is Dez helping up Pitbull n a corpse of yet another fetish freak behind em. Now I seems ta remember someone muttering something about Dez killing someone while I was zoned out back n Dustsend? ‘Magine that, lil whee Dez snuffing out someone’s light… Will have ta look inta that… But I digress, Dez does some odd lay on hands shit n I seem ta feel a bit better, that’s new to..

Next our rag tag group heads on up stairs ta find Marlon bleeding out, he looks fucked, pissing out blood from multiple wounds, looks like he bout ta die, needless to say this is less than good. Dez goes in ta Angle mode n Pitbull hightails it ta grab a med pack from his bike. He gets back just in time n Dez works her magic, she gets him stable, quite dead but still hanging round deaths door, which in its self is a marical as he looked like a gonna. The cause of his current state seems ta be the guy I off’ed, who is laying in a pile by the window with his face missing n a shell from Marlon’s gun in his side, least he put up a fight.

Now we can’t even think of moving Marlon in his current state n that gangly armed mother fucker has taken the Whambulance! So I stay put n play guard while Pitbull tries ta track down Nils…
The more I think on this the more I am pissed at him running off like that, seems we have been in sum good old scrapes of late n I really thought that the monkey man was growing a pair then he turns n hi-tails it on me. Now normally I’d just kick the shit outta him but as Pitbull seems intent on playing guardian angle for our local Saavey head that course of action would lead ta all sorts a trouble, I’m pretty sure I could take the old war horse in a fight but if we did get in ta it then neither of us would back down so only one fella would walk away… N if that was me I then have the rest of his gang ta deal with n explaining ta Merca why I slit 20 bikers throats in the middle of the night is not high on my list of conversations ta have, so I’ll have ta think on how ta approach this problem…

Snapping back ta the here n now it suddenly feels like my soul is being sucked outta my body n there is a odd rushing sensation as I’m suddenly looking down at Nils spralled on the ground with his feet tied ta a post n trying ta reach for a gun while Pitbull is going head ta head with what I can only guess is the modded out leader of this gimp cult. Problem is he seems ta be a few seconds out with his timing, just like we had happen ta us when we first ran in ta them…
Off ta my side I get the feeling Dez is floating there to, she seems ta be trying ta get Pitbull up with the play n direct him where ta strike, so fuck it I’ll try n help Nils.

Now I know we are not there in the physical sense, did I mention how much I hate this bullshit Weird shit, so I figure I need ta “push” the shooter ta Nils with my mind, fuck it’s not like I can make this go any worse for em, so I concentrate n focus on shifting the hand cannon with my thoughts n what do ya know it actually works, Nils gets the gun and fires true, planting a slug right in the freaks chest. With that me n Dez get sucked back in ta our bodies but not before seeing what I “ken only guess is the rest of this blasted land as lil flashes of light n pain fire up all over the world… I guess that means there are more of these freaks out there n they ain’t to happy bout having one of their own go down… neat…

It is a slow process getting back ta Dustsend n a even worse ride back home as we are all spend both physically n mentally… good times…

Session 7 - Summary

In attendance were:

Nils Spector, the Savvyhead
Mr Smith, the Battlebabe
Marlon, the Driver
Dez, the Angel
Pitbull, the Chopper

  • Nils gets smashed by maelstrom
  • Pitbull, Marlon and Dez head inside
  • Mr Smith and Nils are shot at outside
  • Pitbull fall through hole in floor, Dez follows
  • Mr Smith shot by sniper, Nils shoots back
  • Dez heals Pitbull, Pitbull kills bad guy
  • Mr Smith taken hostage, fights back. Nils exchanges shots with sniper
  • Marlon gets in gunfight, goes down
  • Mr Smith kills everyone, Nils freaks out
  • Dez heals everyone except Marlon
  • Pitbull goes for supplies, notices Whambulance gone
  • Dez stabilises Marlon, who is badly hurt
  • Pitbull goes looking for Nils, finds him on cross
  • Pitbull attacks, Nils gets loose, other astrally project
  • Mutant dies, vision of other mutants
  • load Marlon in Whambulance, head back to Grayweed
Well Shit....

Son of a whore who was left ta die in a back ally, Donkey raping ass clowns, inbreed midget carny’s!!! Fuck! Fuck!! FUCK!!!

Well that proved ta be a spectacularly bad few days… Now I thought I’d try n play nice n keep Nils outta trouble as he goes poking round the out skirts of deathville. But old monkey limbs musta seen something shinny n runs of in ta a dark supposedly abandoned building. Fucking hick.
Now low n behold we get jumped by gimps… yup gimps, clad in rubber n ready ta go gimps… anyways I can handle a few goons when it comes ta a game of knify spoony n even old Nils is holdin his own but next thing ya know we start getting mind fucked by god knows what n it all goes dark…

Now I ain’t a fan a gettin the tar kicked outta me but if ya are out gunned then so be it but if ya go n bring weird mind powers in ta it then that’s just cheating.
So me n Nils wakes up ta find all the gimps have bugged out but we are still feelin a world of hurt, our bones ache n those sick fucks have drilled holes in our limbs and I still have a boring pain in my skull… worse thing is that if we are still alive this means it ain’t over yet…
So we limp our asses back ta town in a sorry sorry state ta find Pitbull n his crew have turned up, at a guess old Merca has sent them out this way ta ensure none of the infected make it back ta Grayweed, us included if we get a case of the pox…
Anyways over the next few days I drop in n outta the land of the living, Dez helps get me up n running but the noise in my head n the holes in my arm show no sign a gettin better, that can’t be good..

Now from what I can put together it turns out the town is missing a few people n these freaks are probably responsible n that Marlons car is talking ta him so he reckons he can track these fuckers down (I really need ta start hanging out with a better class of people)
According ta Nils these fucks are lead by sum body modded asshole n for him I have a plan.
Now way I see it these fucks like pain so I’m gonna grab sum drugs from old Dez n when I find their ring leader, I plan on knocking him out n doping him up ta high heaven. So much so he won’t even feel in when I slice his limbs off, now I don’t mean hack em off helter skelter like, I’m meaning to do it professional like, even sew him up proper like so we can call him nubbs afterwards. Then I plan on taking stumpy Joe out ta the wastes n propping him up somewhere good n open so the fuck can die a slow death from the elements… Hell if he likes pain then make him hurt by knowing that he is gonna die long n slow from exposure. Fuck you buddy!

So thanks ta Marlons marvelous talking fucking car, we thinks we find the gimps hide out, my problem is the closer we get the more my head hurts… Then as I walk through their front door my world goes black… Well Shit again.


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