Dust to Dust

Dez's Auto-log (S6)

I just shot some guy in the face.
I haven’t killed someone like that since the bad old days road-raging with my ex (may the reaper burn his black soul).
I mean, yeah, I’ve flatlined a few people in my care, but that’s always with full conviction that they’ve given up the right to live; this guy was just some random waster that crossed Pitbull somehow.
I don’t even know why we were fighting. The poor idiots didn’t stand a chance, Pitbull’s boys ripped through them like razordust, and Marlon finished off the leftovers.
Only bright side is that they are the most likely suspects for lighting up that citizen at the edge of the ruins, in which case maybe they deserved what they got.

Oh shit oh shit oh shit, Smith and Nils have been brutalized. Looks like they were lucky to have made it back to town at all.
I’m badly going to need a re-up after this. I’ve already used up a lot of ‘Firm stock on the Pox, and looks like I’m going to empty my kit on these two. NO Mox, HALF that! There’s barely enough meatmesh as it is; just staple ’em and pump ’em full of stab, they can take it.
Sorry I’ll edit that out later.
What the hell is with these drill holes in Nils’ arm? He get stuck in some machine he was playing with? They aren’t even responding to the mesh.

Well, at least they’re stable now. Both are complaining of impaired visual perception and auditory resonance, which suggests to me some underlying concussive brain damage, but at least it proves they have one.

The other patients here are interesting. Lots of ritualised scarification and symbolism and a penchant for torture and bondage. Creepy fuckers.
Marlon will be interested in these bullseye marks, they’re the same ones we saw near that citizens corpse. Must be some sort of fetish cult round these parts.
Where is he anyway?

How dare that idiot get lost?! What the hell was he thinking driving around like that. Asshole.
Least he seems to be intact.
We need to find out what is messing with Smith and Nils’s heads though – I don’t think it’s concussion like I first thought. We need to check out where these gasmask goons are from.

I don’t like this place, there’s those weird markings everywhere and I’m getting a real bad vibe.
I can see that Nils and Smith are feeling it even worse. Quicker we get this done the better.
Oh shit, Smith is down! NILS what the fuck are you doing??

Session 6 - Summary

In attendance were:

Nils Spector, the Savvyhead
Mr Smith, the Battlebabe
Marlon, the Driver
Dez, the Angel
Pitbull, the Chopper

  • Nils and Mr Smith explore the abandoned workshop
  • Marlon and Dez are investigating the burned body when they hear gunfire to the south
  • They investigate and find Pitbull and his gang pinned down by unknown assailants
  • Nils and Mr Smith are attacked by cultists
  • Dez leaves the car to help the gang, while Marlon guns it through the crossfire. Pitbull is confronted by and decapitates Billy Bob
  • After despatching the cultists, Nils and Mr Smith are attacked by the mutant. Mr Smith passes out, and Nils is knocked unconscious
  • Dez, Pitbull, and the boys storm the high-ground, while Marlon mops up the survivors. They head back to Dust’s End
  • Nils and Mr Smith awaken battered and bruised, and head back to Dust’s End
  • Dez treats their injuries as best she can, but the drill marks don’t respond
Session Five, Six, Seven - Nils

Okay, this time I’m REALLY serious Sparky; I am NEVER leaving Greyweed again. Though the way I’m feeling now, I don’t know if I could travel anywhere if I wanted to. Oh, I only nearly got killed a few times, and actually tortured twice, and shot some evil psycho tech-raping fvckers, and didn’t even find any useful tech that I could bring back! You ever heard of the Church of Noise? Count yourself lucky, I wish I hadn’t. Stay away from them Sparky, the Maelstrom only knows what they’d do to you.
A few days ago, holy shit, I have no idea how many, I’ve lost track of the days. A few days ago anyway, in fact, it was the day after Marlon shafted me, I went to see Monk. I thought if Marlon wasn’t gonna let me work on his car anymore, I might as well get that mysterious tech. Monk was already talking to Tao, which didn’t bode well… but surely it was just a threat that he’d give Tao the tech, right? I mean no one could seriously think she could do anything useful with it, right? Wrong. Somehow he had already heard about Marlon’s monumentally stupid decision, and had indeed given it to Tao. Okay, plan B… certainly not ideal, but you do what you must, right Sparky?
So I offered her an apprenticeship, with VERY strict conditions. I thought she would be as reluctant to accept as I was to offer, but she got very loud and squeally and huggy. Most perturbing. She went to get me the tech, and I swear, just when I think I’ve seen the the limits of human stupidity (i.e. Marlon, i.e. Monk), someone breaks out the weapons grade stupid. She’d broken it. Honestly, it seems lately that the Maelstrom is going out of it’s way to fvck me over. But I’m stuck with her, and if she stays straight she’ll learn a sh!tload, which can only be good for Greyweed, and cars everywhere. Maybe someday I’ll recover from the disappointment enough to take a look at the tech and see what can be done with it.
I went to work on my bionic arm idea, and sometime later (next day maybe?) Dez came to see me… she needed me to drive the Whambulance and some stuff to Dust’s End, something about a pox. I didn’t really hear because my brain was racing: as much as I didn’t want to go out of Greyweed again, I knew I’d need Dez’s help with my bionic arm, and if I went she’d owe me. Plus the ruins around Dust’s End are known to be filled with tech, so I should have been able to pick up some exciting stuff – sigh. Dez agreed to owe me a favour, so I was one step closer to bionic-armness, but I had to ask Mr Smith to come along as well. That also involved some negotiation, you may have noticed the lack of scrap metal around here now? Yeah, it’s fortfying the hardhold. The entire time I was away, when I wasn’t being kidnapped or shot at, I was worrying about my junkyard… but it’s surprisingly ok. Tao isn’t as useless as she appears. ‘Course, I will need to rebuild my stocks, but that shouldn’t be problem. Sh!t, I wish I hadn’t said that out loud…
Anyway, we went off to Dust’s End and found it full of sick and/or dead people. I was anxious to find some tech, but before I could really explore, Dez found that Ill had been skinned. He was the Dust’s End Hardholder, and Mr Smith reckons it was done while he was alive. Not nice at all. Personally, I don’t believe it was the Church of Noise that did it, not that they aren’t capable of such atrocities. It just doesn’t have the same feel; it lacked the ritual elements of their particular brand of fvcking psycho-ness. Yeah, I know Sparky, don’t worry, you’ll hear more than enough about them soon. It’s possible that whoever killed Rice also killed Ill, but the Maelstrom knows there’s more than enough nutjobs out there; it way be unrelated.
That cut into my tech-finding time, so next morning I was very keen to get into the ruins. The others saw smoke nearby, but usually burnt tech = useless tech, so I wasn’t interested. What was much more appealing (at the time) was my bones telling me to check out a particular building, stupid bones! I wish I’d never gone in there. It seemed fine at first; probably a garage in a past life, and some good looking tools laid out. Not quite what I was after, and a bit messy, but I figured you can’t have too many tools. I can’t bring myself to touch the fvcking things now, let alone use them, knowing what has been done with them…
Just as I was examining them closer, I got interrupted by an odd fellow who looked like he was in some sort of costume. Turns out this was our first contact with the fvcking Church of Noise. He wasn’t friendly, but he was soon taken care of. He was followed by a REALLY odd fellow who had taken his costume a bit far – rivetted a metal plate over his eyes, and inserted what I think is called a graphic equaliser into his chest – a scary-ass guy, let me tell you. Course, he’s not so scary now, ha ha! Oh, I killed him Sparky, but I’m getting ahead of myself. He attacked me and started messing with time, it seemed. Scary, like I said. But I let the Maelstrom guide me, and was able to go toe to toe with him… for about 10 seconds. Fvcker knocked me out, and I was sure I was gonna wake up dead. Instead, I woke up wishing I was dead. He got Mr Smith too… yeah, that’s how scary he was. But I killed him, killed him dead. Oh, I mentioned that? Well, it was pretty impressive, I gotta say. No, it wasn’t then, he was long gone, and we were barely able to limp back, bruised and battered and literally full of holes. Well, okay, not literally FULL, but… see these holes in my arm? Yeah, they hurt like a bitch, and Dez can’t seem to make them better.
Seems the others had some excitement of their own, and Marlon seems to be trying to horn in on my gig, apparently his Impala was talking to him. Dick. As the saying goes, the Maelstrom works in weird ways, and it seems to have led Marlon to the Church’s base near Dust’s End. As we got closer the noise in my and Mr Smith’s head got worse. Mr Smith passed out trying to enter the building, and I thought I’d open my brain to the Maelstrom again, since it worked earlier… not such a great plan, as it happens. This time, it just hit me with a big fvcking stick, and I was out. When Mr Smith and I woke up, the others had gone into the evil hell-building, and we were about to be shot at. Things are kinda hazy after that; shots were fired at us, shots were fired by us, Mr Smith got hit, Mr Smith got held hostage, Mr Smith killed everyone. I must have been suffering some after effects of the Maelstrom, because next thing I know, that evil fvcking freak had actually CRUCIFIED me! I know! Who does that? Psycho tech-raping arseholes, that’s who. I managed to somewhat free myself, and with a little help from Pitbull in person and Dez and Mr Smith in spirit, I took Pitbull’s Magnum and blasted that stupid fvcking graphic equaliser right though his mutant chest. Holy Maelstrom, it felt good! As he died we all got a vision of the wastelands with lights scattered across it, one of which winked out. It seems that this freak wasn’t the only one out there, which both terrifies me and fills me with furious anger. But that’s something to worry about another day; now that we’ve limped back to town, I just want to sleep for a month or two… talk to you then Sparky.

Dez's Auto-log

Thankfully, Merc didn’t seem too fazed by the med-bill. Guess after the dramas of recent events, she’s just glad it doesn’t involve violence.

Speaking of – the boys need to sort their sh!t out.
Have a fistfight or a circle-jerk or whatever it is they need to do to get over it. Like it or not, we’ll need to have each others backs if word about Millions is true.
I don’t think anyone seriously believes all that crap about Nils anyway. He may be a spacecase, but I don’t think he’s THAT fucked up.

Biostabs, chemostabs, narcostabs, meatmesh… Should be everything I need for Dust End.
I don’t feel guilty about the supplies, I got those on the square…but, I am the Angel I guess. Be pretty lame to leave them to the Pox on limited meds, and from what Marlon said, they sound pretty heavy hit.
‘Sides, I get to ride in Marl’s wheels, and that’s like the inner sanctum!
Had to promise Nils a favour to bring the Whambulance along, but I think I know what he has in mind, and I gotta admit my curiosity is piqued. Should be interesting.

Well that was fun. Marlon’s car is a pretty sweet ride, but it def needs a girl’s touch. Not the easiest car to get comfortable in, especially with that panicky look Marls gave me every time I moved.

Jeezus, even compared to home sweet desolation, Dust End sucks.

Got here just in time by the looks. Marlon’s buddy Exit should make a full recovery, as well as the rest of the poxies here.
Same can’t be said for the poor sonofabitch hardholder, Ill. Whoever got to him is one sadistic bastard, and I guess he’s still loose. I’m almost glad we brought along our own psychopath now. At least Smith is a known quantity.

Can’t see why anyone would want to stay here now, between the pox, the killer and, well, Dust end being Dust End. Maybe some of them could bulk up our numbers back home, if Merc can sort the logistics, but we’ll need to make sure Ill’s killer isn’t one of them.
We’re full on Psychos

Hmm, I really just wanna get out of here asap, but that smoke over there can’t be good, and I doubt anyone in this town is capable of dealing with any kinda trouble right now.
Sounds like Nils and Smith want to explore anyway, so guess me and Marl can go scout out what’s causing the smoke. Yay the heroes…

God Damn it...
A look at current events through the eyes of one Mr Smith of Greyweed.

Well shit… I honestly did not see that can o crap coming… Mercer has gone n put me in charge of our would be militia, what the fuck do I know about training soldiers actually scratch that, what the fuck do I know about teaching hillbillyredneckdumbfuckvolunteers… Well I’ll make due I guess, my one plan is to work the fuckers into shape n see who stands out or rather I’ll keep an eye out for those of em who show a bit o back bone or better even initiative.

What I am worried about is how unprepared n royally fucked we are when it comes to both fortifications n ammo. I mean shit we may not have the man power but if we least could make a defendable hard hold n then when Millions or who the fuck ever,tried ta mess with us we make em hurt a might till they over power us. Hell if we do a good enough job when might even live through it when push comes to shove. My back up plan is to blow the refinery n send us all ta hell.

I guess I’ll have ta make nice with some of the outlying settlements ta get our numbers up… joy, I get ta go n talk ta our local rad’ wasters.
Anyways, seems the lil town of Dustend has gone n caught itself the pox or so Marlon reports… Looks like our lil group o waste land travellers are off to investigate… thanks Merc…
On the plus side seems Nils was put on the spot ta ask me ta tag along, which ta be honest is a blessin as I was gonna have ta put myself in debt ta our local kiddie fiddler n ask if I could raid his junk yard for scrap ta reinforce our outer walls.. This way I got ta make him squirm n it costs me nothing.

So we get ta Dustend without a hassle, I guess Dez is feeling guilty about buyin up the towns medical supplies, hell she didn’t steal em but it must be that good n helpful nature of hers… I really don’t get some people….

Right, so, we turn up ta Dustend n find the town is up shit creek n ass knows where the paddle has gone. All up body counts round the 35 souls, not counting the town’s mayor who seems ta have gone n got himself tided down n skinned alive. Now that shows skill, I’ll take my hat off ta who ever did the blade work on that one, don’t get me wrong I’ll cut the handyman’s throat with my next breath, hell can’t have some rouge element out there thinking they can just pick off Hard holders as they like… that’s just unneighbourly. What I am really concerned about is the description of the pose of thieves that stole Dustends medical supplies, matches up mighty closely with Pitbull n his crew…. Last thing I need is the towns folk ta think we had something ta do with robbing em when I need ta get em on side encase Millions gets n ichy trigger finger as it were…

Seems like we’re are stuck here a spell till Dez gives the town folk the all clear, extra time ta try n win em all over I guess. That’s if I get a chance, seems Nils is going out exploring some, best keep n eye on him just in case he… when he goes n does something stupid…

Session Five

In attendance were:

Nils Spector, the Savvyhead
Mr Smith, the Battlebabe
Marlon, the Driver
Dez, the Angel

After their meeting with Grayweed’s hardholder Mercer, everyone has a couple of days of downtime to heal their wounds and catch up on their business. The weather is miserable; unbearably hot, with a strong wind from the west blasting everybody with stinging clouds of windborne dust and debris. It’s a good time to be indoors, and Dez is busy setting up her newly stocked infirmary. Mox and Shigusa, the infirmary nurses and now Dez’s de-facto employees, are helping out, with heavies Foster and Wisher providing the heavy lifting. Mercer drops by to see how things are going, and with some trepidation Dez hands her the bill for the supplies that she bartered for in Edgewatch. Mercer doesn’t seem too unhappy, and congratulates Dez on a job well done. Mercer and Dez do share some concerns about the crates marked “Property of Dust’s End”, but Dez is reassured by the fact that Pitbull has taken care of the evidence.

Nils goes to talk to Monk, the shifty courier, to see if he can get the mystery piece of tech from him, now that Nils is (at Marlon’s insistence) no longer working on Marlon’s car. He arrives at Monk’s shack to find him talking with Tao, the other mechanic in town, who Monk had threatened to give the piece of tech to if Nils didn’t come through. Nils approaches Monk, and asks to get the tech, but Monk says he already gave it to Tao. Nils loses all interest in Monk now he has nothing to offer, and turns to talk to Tao. Following through on his conversation with Mr Smith, Nils offers to take Tao on as an apprentice. She loves the idea, and wraps the uncomfortable Nils up in a hug. Nils has two conditions; firstly, that she can’t be stoned in his workshop, and secondly, that she gives him the piece of tech. When Tao excitedly returns from her house with a jingling box of dis-assembled pieces, Nils realises he may have got here too late. Discouraged, but now saddled with the excited Tao, he returns to his workshop to begin work on his new project; a bionic arm to replace his own flesh-and-blood one.

Mr Smith gets word that Rum, Mercer’s second-in-command and head of security, wants to talk to him. He makes his way to Rum’s office. Rum tells Mr Smith that since their report, Mercer is concerned that Millions, hardholder of Edgewatch to the north, is building up his military forces. Rum asks Mr Smith to train the Grayweed militia, and get them up to fitness in case they are needed. Mr Smith is reluctant, even after Rum offers him the run of the armoury. Eventually, he accepts, and begins planning his training regimen.

And Marlon has decided to get out of town for a while. Between his argument with Nils and the troubles with Edgewatch, he has decided that Grayweed isn’t the best place to be. He heads to Dust’s End, a tiny hardhold to the west, where he has a package to deliver to Exit, the town’s quartermaster. The weather is still miserable, and the blinding dust and roaring winds make for slow going, especially once he reaches the outskirts of the ruins.

Dust’s End lies in the shattered bones of some ruined city, its name long forgotten. The ruins stretch for miles, burned-out buildings and broken streets jutting from a vast field of dust. Closer to the hardhold, the choking dust gives way to piles of jagged obsidian gravel which crowds the ruined paths between buildings. The ruins still contain some relics of earlier times, and scavengers pick through them looking for forgotten treasures. Dust’s End serves as their base-camp, trading food and shelter to the scavvies in return for some of the unearthed items. Further to the west, the ruins stop, and a vast petrified forest spreads to the horizon.

Marlon arrives after dark, glad to be free of the dust, though the wind still howls. Unusually, there are no lights to be seen, and Marlon cautiously approaches Exit’s warehouse. Exit quickly ushers him inside, and explains that the town is in the grip of a disease known as The Pox. Dozens are already dead, and more infected. Those still healthy lock themselves away, trying to avoid contagion. The hardholder, Ill, is bedridden and near death. The town is desperately short of medical supplies, which were stolen by a motorcycle gang about a month ago. And the head of the militia has gone missing too, compounding their problems. Marlon delivers the water he was carrying, and tells Exit he will head back to Grayweed to try to collect medical supplies. Promising to return as soon as possible, he makes the arduous journey back.

Marlon arrives back in town and explains the situation to Dez. Dez, possible feeling guilty that all her new infirmary supplies arrived in crates marked “Property of Dust’s End”, talks to Mercer, and gets permission to make a mercy mission to deliver supplies to Dust’s End. Marlon offers to drive Dez and the supplies, which surprises everyone given how much Marlon hates having people in his car. Dez then asks Nils to drive the Whambulance there too, so that Mox, the infirmary nurse, can accompany them. Nils, knowing he’ll likely need Dez’s help with his plans to build himself a bionic arm, agrees, on the condition of a favour in the future. Dez accepts, and Nils asks Mr Smith to ride shotgun on the journey. Mr Smith agrees too, on the condition that his militia trainees can take some junk metal from Nils’ scrapyard to help fortify the hardhold.

With all the negotiations and preparations complete, they head to Dust’s End, Marlon and Dez in Marlon’s Impala, and Nils, Mr Smith, and Mox in the Whambulance. The weather is unrelenting, with the constant heat, dust and wind making driving intolerable. Dez spends the trip fiddling with the radio, wing mirrors and seat settings, making Marlon greatly regret his earlier offer. After an unpleasant but uneventful journey, they reach the plague-stricken hardhold.

Dez and Marlon go to talk to Exit, but they find him in the grip of The Pox. Dez treats him, and her diagnosis is that the disease will respond well to the antibiotics they have brought. While Mr Smith and Nils explore the town, Dez goes to talk to Ill, the hardholder. However, when she enters his house, she finds a horrific sight; he has been tied to the bed-frame and skinned. Shocked, Dez returns to tell the others. Mr Smith calmly investigates the murder scene, and ascertains it was done slowly, with great skill, and while Ill was still alive. He searches for clues, but apart from a ledger finds nothing of interest. Dez and Mox triage the townsfolk, and after administering the drugs, everyone settles down to a restless night’s sleep.

After waking in the morning, they check the townsfolk and it appears they are responding well to treatment. The PCs then notice a tattered plume of smoke to the south, the strong winds dashing it across the sky. Dez and Marlon take his car to investigate. After negotiating the unstable ruins and piles of chipped obsidian, they find the cause of the smoke; the charred remains of a person encased in tires that have been doused in petrol and set alight.

Meanwhile, Nils senses his Bonefeel drawing him out to the ruins west of the hardhold. He heads in that direction, followed by Mr Smith. He finds himself strangely driven to enter a long-abandoned building which might once have been a garage. Once he enters, he finds a table covered in well maintained tools, but coated in a black liquid. Mr Smith follows him into the building, even though all his instincts are screaming that it is a trap…

Highlights of the session:

  • Marlon’s unusual offer to allow someone else in his car, something that’s usually strictly prohibited
  • Dez proceeding to abuse his offer by driving him crazy!
  • Nils’ glee at his successful negotiations for tech and assistance, contrasted with his consternation when he realises that Tao has broken the tech already, and Mr Smith’s militia now have free reign over his junkyard while the PCs are in Dust’s End
Mr Smiths take on recent events (1-4)

So it has been an interesting few weeks even by this shit burgs standards…was out shootin some targets when Pity rolls on up – folks say that’s freaky enough at the best of times but she(?) has never bothered me none, anyways we hear this death rattle of a scream, ya know the kind that just sound that you know what ever the fuck just made it is in a world o hurt.
So anyways we high tail it over ta find lil Rice gutted n on the way out of this world. Now in a professional sense the cut was a good one but whoever did the knife work was a bit sloppy letting the girl scream, now I have no problem with letting a person suffer but heck you can do it in silence, a quick punch in the throat to bruise the vocal cords some n you won’t hear a peep out a vic for a few hours then you go in nice n close with your blade….

Anyways Rice drifts on outta this mortal coil n Pity must try her voodoo head magic but this times she boggles it or something n it drops her on her rear… So I strole back to our lil oasis in the weeds to find Marlons back in town but somehow has managed to beat the shit outta Mox even though he wasn’t even in town till about a half n hour ago. So I let Dez know she needs a new helper for her lil Doctors office, needless to say she aint to happy… we roll back to the scene of the crime ta find Pitty still havin a wee nap n drag the kill back ta Greyweed. After a while Mercer tells use all ta pull our heads in but not before one of Shiggs thugs trys to get up in my face… he’ll keep… anyways turns out me, Dez, Pity, Marlon, Pity n Mils, our local tech head, have the distinguished honour of trackin’ down the Rice’s killer.. all Pity could seem ta be able to “see” was a car? Will have ta keep n eye on both Marlon n that ass hat Monk… Swear to God if he finger guns at me, I will sever those didgets from that’s asshole hands.
The next day the Tanker from Edgewatch pulls in to get their fuel processed, nothing out of the ordinary there till one of the mooks starts givin old Nils the stink eye… I have a soft spot for the Savvy head, knows what it’s like ta have people look you in a odd ass way… hell he may try n rape toasters in his spare time but he has always been respectful ta me so I can let that slide…

Now Mercer has a grand plan for us to head on over ta Edgeswatch with PitBull n a helpin of his crew. Never know where I stand with the old biker… time will tell I guess. I’m figure it’s something ta do with the work Marlon does for her, playin courier for something thats important ta her n Millions, I’ll keep n eye on him case he needs back up.
Before we leave I find myself havin a drink with Toa the over go to girl in town for fixing machines up, now she looks mighty fine in her jeans, but it seems she has an alternative lil something in mind rather than wanting to get to know me to personal like. Lil miss has the balls ta ask me ta make Nils life extra hard or possibly even end it… I don’t take to kindly ta people tryin ta play me so her n me will have a lil talk when I get back I feel.
SO cut ta the road n after i warn Nils about Tao, a weird ass storm rolls over us pissin down, I shit you not, warm tar. So any we pull over till it clears n we get ambushed by some rad’ wasters, now while that’s less than good it aint to surprising but then we turn round n Nils has gone walk about… dick…

As we are trackin him down we stumble over one of the Edgewatch thugs who seems to have gone n gotten his shelf all sliced up just like Rice… Not sure how I avoided wearing the blame on this one but I’m not gonna complain none but does leave me ta think that one of our lil party maybe a lil less righteous than we first thought.
We pick off the remaining wasters, who turn out ta be cannibals, fun times.
Nils seems ta have found a new gadget but later when he tries ta put the moves on it, he ends up on his ass for the remaindered of our lil road trip.

Well we thought the trip to Millions hard hold was rough, we get a less than hug filled welcome once we arrive. But at least it’s not me who seems to be stirring things up. Nils seems to have a reputation as a witch in these parts n Marlon royally pisses off Millions rights hand man, ta be honest was kinda hopin that Marlon would throw down with Pierre, who I been told is a frenchy? Not that I know what the fuck that is. Anyways would’ve kinda liked ta see what the man can do when he isn’t in his car. Things realy come ta a head later on when we are tryin ta have a drink n the local were not so obliging. Round the same time Marlon has the drop off with Millions, least that explains the increase in armed men in the bar. Old Millions has beefed up his firepower quite a bit.. will have ta make sure I pass that on ta Mercer.
So I follow Marlon in ta his handover n Millions is less than impressed to see he brought company, he can cry me a fucking river, as the punk gets put in his place with a stern look n firm voice. Now we decide that at this point we should tactfully withdraws from Edgeswatch as well we seems ta have pissed off the whole god dawn town. At least Dez has found the supplies she was after.. not quite so sure they say “Dusts End” on it.. that can’t be good in the long run… so anyways we high tail it.

A few hours pass n we seem ta pick up some unwanted guests on our trip home, Pitbull n Marlon do a good job of fucking them up but their own vehicles seem ta take a bit of a hiding to. So we split in the Whambulance only to be chased down but a mother fucking mechanical monster filled ta the brim with armed goons, who then processed ta pin us down n demand we hand over Nils!? What the fuck… Don’t seem ta be Millions boys but they don’t volunteer any info on who or why they want our tech head… ta cut a long story short we send Nils off on the back of Shitheads bike, one of Pitbulls crews n hope they take the bait… Now seems old God all mighty is smiling on us for once n they follow the chopper, the pair of em should be able to outpace it on a bike. I was impressed ta how well our resident Angle stood up to those of us who were thinkin on handing over Mr Nils, I do like a girl with back bone.

Cut back to Greyweed n we limp trough the towns front gate looking a lil worse for wear to say the very fucking minimum, good ta see that both Nils n Shithead made it back ok though. So we roll into ta see Mercer n tell her the trips “highlights” well needless to say she is pissed at just about every aspect of what we did… I give her a heads up on Millions lil armed reserve. The conversation gets a bit heated n Marlon drops a bombshell! Rumour has it sometime back over n Edgewatch Nils raped a young boy. Course Nils adamantly denies this, says he aint never been to Edgewatch before a few days ago but that would explain why people were less than welcoming n want his hide… Can’t say I remember Nils ever leaving Greyweed so will have to find out the truth in all this but if it does turn out he has even looked at a kid funny then I’ll literally skin n cure his long armed ass and put it on display for a warning to any other sick fucks out there…

Next I tend to some personal business, I go see Tao, as I said I’m not keen on being played so I wait for her to make an appearance at her tent, she quickly gets the message, I even suggest she should work with Nils for a spell. We fuck just to show there aint no hard feelings, water under the bridge n all.

Dez's Journal Entries

Auto-transcripting active
Can’t…speak for more than… a few minutes at a…

time. Double Happies…self…administered… Yeeeeeahhhhh

Auto-transcripting active
Recovered enough to sort out some supplies for setting up a ‘firm back home.
Surprsingly easier than expected, but that could have something to do with the entire stash branded by Dust’s End, but screw it – we need it, and it’s not my care how these lowballs got their hands on it.
Now just have to make it back home with me and the meds intact, which would be a shit-ton easier if I wasn’t teamed up with the brainfukd brothers.
Speaking of which, the way they are strolling towards me, and the suddenly edgy mood of pretty much every bastard in Edgewatch, means they have probably kept true to form and it’s time to roll schnell.

Final testament. If You find this Merc, it is all Nils’ fault.
We were most of the way home when we got bushwhacked and ended up in a run and gun, which nearly got me killed when Nils’ driving forced me to dive under a ton of crates to save them – and now we are stuck behind this goddamn rock in a standoff with a bunch of militants with a hard-on for Nils.
Fuck em, he’s your property, not theirs, and I sadly may need him to help set up the infirmary. Hopefully if we send him off with Pitbull’s goons, they’ll leave us alone.

Huh. It worked.
Now we just have to crawl home sans Nils and dragging Marlons junked wagon.

Wellllll, that was revealing!
Guess we should have thrown Nils to the wolves afer all. I knew he wasn’t right brainwise, but never suspected him of being a kiddy fiddler as well as a techno witch.
That said… I just don’t know if he has the sharps to act as surprised and mortified as he did.
Spose poor Merc will have final say on his fate. I need to set up the ’firm and get rid of these boxes. Fortunately Pitbull has kindly offered to dispose of them, which is a weight off.

Session Two, Three, Four - Nils

Holy sh!t Sparky, this has been the weirdest fvcking day EVER! I tell ya, I’m never leaving Greyweed again. Yeah, I know nothing happens around here, that’s why I don’t want to go out again. You? Out there? I don’t think so. Hey, calm down, I just meant… oh yeah? Go out there! You’ll be malfunctioning within a day, you nearsighted scrap pile! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. I’ve had a rough day, is all. Okay, so it started yesterday, Good Maelstrom, it feels longer than that. Anyway, yesterday morning I was working on Marlon’s car, when Rum told me I was needed to help at the refinery. I just knew it was going to be something simple that even Tao could deal with, and sure enough, it’s a bullsh!t repair job caused by those dickheads from Edgewatch.
So that’s fine, and I’m on my way back to the Workspace when I run into Pity. She wants me to fix a pocketwatch, yeah, it’s been many years since I’ve seen one of those. I don’t know if even I can fix it, but it’s real interesting so I told her I’ll look at it, even though it means dealing with her. As I was making my way back after that, I started thinking I’d get Marlon’s car to talk to me, which is real weird as I’d promised him I’d never do that; for some reason he doesn’t feel comfortable with it. Before I could do that though, I had to deal with Monk. Hot damn he’s a douche! He told me he’s got some real nice tech from somewhere, but he won’t give it to me unless I agree to stop working on Marlon’s car. I think he means permanently! I know, Sparky! I love that car… However, after a coversation with Mr Smith later on, I have a plan to get the tech anyway. Yeah, Mr Smith. No, it’s not like that, Tao is going to be fine… better than fine, actually, she might actually learn some skills along the way.
Anyway, I got Marlon’s car to talk to me, and that’s when sh!t got real strange. My arm and mouth felt like they were burning, and I guess I passed out cos next thing I know, Dez is helping me. She’s a fantastic Angel (how did she know I was in trouble? Spooky) but I get the feeling she didn’t completely believe what happened. But she fixed me up, and then Rum told me I have to go to Edgewatch! What the fVck? But it’s orders from Mercer, so what can I do? At thought at least I might be able to catch a Hardball game; they have some good players. Definitely not to be, as I’ll get to…
So we set off, me driving the Whambulance, and a bunch of other people, I guess. As we’re driving, Mr Smith suggested I take Tao on as an apprentice, there was a reason why, but that got my brain thinking about something Monk mentioned about giving Tao his tech, and boom! A plan was formed. Remind me to speak to her later, Sparky. Not long after that, it started raining black tar, not ideal driving conditions. As we were waiting, there was a bit of a commotion outside the Whambulance, but I didn’t pay much attention… hey, that’s uncalled for. So… what was I saying? Oh, right, thanks Sparky. I had that feeling in my bones that I often get, telling me to go out into the dark, dark night. Well, there’s no arguing with my bones, and they were right as usual. I found a strange metallic structure that had some sort of glowing tech in it. Using my handy-dandy toolkit, I had that free in seconds. It was only then that I realised I wasn’t alone in this odd building. Fvcking place was a cannibal lair! And there were some in there with me! Well obviously, Sparky, I’m here telling you the story, aren’t I? I snuck up on some doing Maelstrom knows what, hoping to brain them with Jemmy. My crowbar. Yes, I call it Jemmy. Anyway, they saw me, but for some reason, thought I was one of them and offered me something I don’t even want to know what it was. Stupid inbred cannibals. It was dark, I suppose, but really, do I look like a cannibal? Huh. You’ve never seen a cannibal, so I’m going to ignore that. Thinking quickly, I sent them outside; there seemed to be some sort of gunfight going on, and I hoped those cannibals would get fvcked up. My plan worked brilliantly, as they usually do, and they got themselves blasted. Only thing left was for me to escape… turned out to be pretty easy, cos the only people left out there were from Greyweed.
Now even though I had exciting new tech, things didn’t get any better. In fact, they got wierder. We stopped by some sh!tty lake called Devil’s Water to rest, and I figured I’d get the new tech to talk to me, so I could start to figure out what the Maelstrom it was. Well, speaking of the Maelstrom, instead of passing through it like I usually do, I got stuck in the deep purple clouds with flashes of green lightning all around. Yeah, that’s right, that’s why I had the lights of the Whambulance purple and green. Fvck knows who painted the body of it those colours though, totally ruined the cool effect I was going for. Ar$eholes. Oh, all of them. No, not you Sparky. So I was stuck in the Maelstrom, with weird voices and a horrible shrieking noise that got louder and louder, and all of a sudden this voice that sounded kinda familiar told me she never really loved me. Could have been Ma, no surprise there, but it also sounded like Philippa, my sister. Now that would suck, cos we always got on pretty well before she left for Fvcking Hell. You know, I haven’t heard from her for years… I wonder if she’s still alive?
Then I blacked out again, which was even less fun than the previous time. I’m told some smelly gang member drove the Whambulance, I’m sure there’s still a faint stench in there. That guy has some serious internal problems!
By the time we got to Edgewatch I had recovered, and got to work unloading the tanker. Then Mr Smith came over to tell me that the locals think I’m a witch! What the fvck? Stupid, backwards, superstitious retards… is it my fault things talk to me? I tell ya, all the weird sh!t that the Maelstrom churns out… Pity, for example, and they call ME a witch? Retards. We headed to this sh!tty bar to wait for Marlon and Dez to do their things, and the place was full of guys with guns! Mr Smith and Pitbull, the Chopper, had a chat with some guy at the bar. I guess he insulted Pitbull or something, cos after Mr Smith went off with Marlon out the back, Pitbull smashed the guy’s head into the bar, which shut him up good. The situation could have turned uncomfortable, but then Marlon and Mr Smith finished whatever they were doing, and we left.
I guess there were no Hardball games on, cos we left town pretty much immediately. Lots of people came to see us off, which was nice.
So I was looking forward to a nice uneventful trip back to Greyweed, but the Maelstrom knows, it’s never that easy. As we’re driving back, we noticed some activity out in the wastes, and Marlon heads off one way, and Pitbull and Sh1thead… you know, he’s Pitbull’s sergeant or general or some military term. Well, I’m assuming it’s a nickname, but as I’ve never met his parents, I’m not sure, Sparky. They came back pretty quickly with some trigger-happy assholes in tow… yeah, I know, it was hard to tell who was who! So there was a bit of a gunfight going on, when suddenly my bones told me Marlon’s car was in trouble! I swung the whhel round and took off across the desert, it was only later that I remembered the stuff in the back. Oh, and the people… well, they all seem fine, so I guess it was ok. Turns out Marlon’s car needed a new radiator hose and things, and the quickest way for me to find them was to ask the Baha Racer close by. Only problem was, it had just died. I had to open my brain to the Maelstrom to talk to it’s spirit, creepy as that is. Luckily it was pretty cooperative, or so I thought, and I quickly had the parts I needed. Just as I was coming out from underneath it, the treacherous fvcker rolled on me, trapping me! I tell ya, never trust a Baha racer, even in death. With a little help I made it out, only to find a brand new sort of weirdness had developed. A truckload of armed shitheads (no, not Pitbull’s mate, pay attention Sparky) wanted me to go with them to Maelstrom knows where. Now I’ve built up a tolerance for the people of Greyweed, most of them anyway, and there’s no way I want to have to deal with a new bunch of retards. After some discussion, we decide that if I get away, the mysterious truck guys should follow without butchering everyone else. Hopefully. So with limited functioning vehicles, I jump on the back of Sh1theads bike, and we take off like a cat out of the Maelstrom. You’ve never seen a cat affected by the Maelstrom? Fvcking spooky stuff, let me tell you.
Well, all’s well that end’s well, it seems… we didn’t get caught, and I hear the others coming back now. I expect Mercer will want to see us, so I’ll go and get this over with… I want to get on with my bionic arm, amongst other things… talk to you later, Sparky!

HOLY FVCKING SH! I’ve never been so angry! Fvcking Marlon! After everything I’ve done for his car, and then he goes and sucker punches me! How is ANY of this MY fault? And then he tells everyone he’s heard I’m a kiddy-fiddler like it true and he believes it! What the FVCK?!? If anyone believes that even possible, they’re even stupider than I thought. Fvck him. Fvck him and the car he drove in in. Actually, I take that back… I still love that car. Only one good thing came out of this… it might make it easier to get that tech from Monk now… I better catch him before he hears too much… again, see you later Sparky.

Session Four

In attendance were:

Nils Spector, the Savvyhead
Mr Smith, the Battlebabe
Marlon, the Driver
Pitbull, the Chopper
Dez, the Angel

While the events of the previous session had been happening, Dez has been negotiating for supplies to upgrade the infirmary back in Grayweed. Her haggling went well, and she loads up the Whambulance with crates of supplies, only slightly concerned at the “Property of Dust’s End” stamps on them. As she finishes loading the crates, the rest of the party approaches with the forced nonchalant stroll of people who have just caused a potential shit-storm.

Pitbull quickly rounds up the rest of his gang, who pile into the back of the Whambulance, with Nils driving and Mr Smith riding shotgun. Marlon goes to collect his car, only to find Pierre, the leader of the militia, lounging against it, his pearl-handled Magnums prominently displayed. Despite the threat of violence, Marlon drives off without incident.

The group drives out of Edgewatch under the malevolent gaze of the entirety of the well-armed militia, all of whom have appeared to make sure they leave. Pierre in particular was there to see Marlon off. Feeling they have narrowly averted disaster, the small convoy heads south back to Grayweed, with Marlon on point, Pitbull and his lieutenant Shithead at the rear, and the Whambulance crammed with PCs, medical supplies, and smelly gang members.

About half-way through their journey, as they exit the narrow ravine road that allows access to the plateau on which Edgewatch sits, the outriders notice a plume of dust on either side of the road, rapidly converging on their convoy. Marlon heads off-road to the west to investigate, while Pitbull and Shithead head east on their powerful bikes.

Marlon identifies an off-road motorbike and a baja-racer pickup heading directly towards the Whambulance. Suspecting they are driving them towards an ambush, he moves to intercept. Underestimating the power of Marlon’s car, the bandits continue onwards, taking potshots as he moves behind them. With some deft driving, he dodges most of the bullets, then shunts the pick-up, which ends up in a barrel roll, crushing the riflemen in the back and coming to a sudden halt wrapped around a large rock formation. Unfortunately, the impact also stalls Marlon’s car, and as he tries to restart it, the motorcyclist circles back round, SMG blazing.

Meanwhile, Pitbull identifies two off-road bikes approaching from the east, and recognising the potential ambush (having conducted plenty in his time), motions to Shithead that they should rejoin the Whambulance. The two bandit bikes approach within shooting distance, and pillion passengers begin peppering the Whambulance with SMG fire. Pitbull attempts a strong braking maneuver to drop back and flank the riders, but ends up stalling his un-cooperative chopper. As Nils speeds on, he sees Pitbull disappearing in his rear-view mirror.

As the western rider races towards Marlon’s car, SMG blazing, Marlon ducks down and grabs his shotgun. As the bike gets within range, Marlon pops up and opens fire. He catches an SMG round in the shoulder, but the shotgun blast tears the rider apart. His bike slams into the hood of Marlon’s car, and with a noisy hiss, a plume of steam erupts from the radiator.

Nils, driving the Whambulance, suddenly senses a disturbance in the maelstrom; Marlon’s car is in pain. He swings the wheel hard to the right, throwing the passengers around. Dez manages to cushion the most fragile crates, at the expense of some bumps and bruises. Ignoring the angry yells of the passengers, Nils races off into the dust waste, leaving Shithead wondering where everyone has gone.

Pitbull restarts his hog, and races up the road to try to catch up with Shithead. He sees the two off-road bikes cutting in front of him, and drawing his huge Magnum hand-cannon, begins blazing away. They return fire, grazing Pitbull and hitting something in the engine that causes an ominous clunking sound. However, Pitbull hits one of them in the face, and the resulting shower of gore convinces the riders that there are better places to be, and they hightail it into the wastes. Just as Pitbull thinks he’s in the clear, the ominous clunking suddenly becomes the sound of tearing metal, and the bike topples over, spilling Pitbull into a long slide down the bumpy highway.

Meanwhile, the Whambulance arrives to find Marlon trying to fix his radiator. Nils rushes to help, then opens his brain to the psychic maelstrom in an effort to communicate with the dead baja-racer and locate spare parts to repair Marlon’s car. Meanwhile, Dez and Mr Smith take to the high ground to get the lay of the land. They see Pitbull picking himself up on the highway, Shithead racing back down the road towards him, and a glint of reflected sunlight from something approaching further up the road. Their concerns are interrupted as with the sound of grinding metal, the baja-racer rolls over, trapping Nils underneath.

Pitbull sees Shithead approaching, and he looks like he’s not planning on stopping. Pitbull stares him down, and Shithead reluctantly stops to pick him up. He informs Pitbull that a truck full of bandits is approaching, and they quickly head towards the others. They arrive to find Marlon attempting to repair his car, Dez and the gangers lifting the baja-racer off a battered but successful Nils, and Mr Smith preparing to fight off whoever is coming in the truck.

The truck, a ramshackle ex-Army transport reinforced with sheets of metal, pulls up just out of range of small-arms fire. A voice over a loud speaker demands that they turn over Nils, and if they do they won’t be hurt. The more mercenary PCs debate turning over Nils, but Dez (and Nils!) don’t like that plan. Pitbull scrounges up an elderly stick-grenade from Shithead’s saddle-bag, and advocates fighting. The others suggest running, but Marlon won’t leave his car behind. The bandits force the issue by debarking some soldiers, and the group decides the best plan is for Shithead to take Nils and make a run for it. They do so, and the truck leaves, chasing after them.

After a long and unpleasant journey, Shithead and Nils reach Grayweed without the bandits catching them. Meanwhile, with no mechanic, the rest of the group tows Marlon’s car slowly behind the very cramped Whambulance, and after Pitbull patches up his ride, they limp back to Grayweed as well, managing to avoid the bandits on the way.

When everyone is back in Grayweed, Mercer, the hardholder, demands a report. Most of the group are pretty angry with Nils, blaming him for the situation. Marlon punches Nils when he sees him, and Nils starts to fight back before Rum and Pitbull separate them. The group inform Mercer that most of the mercs they talked to think Nils is a witch, at which point Marlon reveals the story he heard about Nils being a child molester. The group explodes with accusations and denials. Mercer quiets everything down, and after interrogating the group, finds out that they have managed to offend Millions as well as Pierre and his militia, that they attacked some of the militia in the bar, that all of Edgewatch think Nils is a deviant, and that Dez appears to have stolen a bunch of supplies earmarked for Dust’s End. And on top of all that, they failed to find any information about Rice’s death like she asked them to. With her head in her hands, she asks them to leave.

Nils heads back to his workshop to work on a bionic arm, Pitbull takes his bike from Tao’s garage to Nils for repairs, Marlon instead takes his car to Tao for repairs, Dez works to set up the infirmary, and Mr Smith threatens Tao with violence, at which point she seduces him. Everything is getting complicated!

Highlights of the session:

  • Dez – “What do you mean, can we trust his judgment? His name is Shithead, what do YOU think?”
  • Marlon and Nils coming to blows, and the underlying tension between them leading to Marlon changing mechanics
  • Mr Smith and his complicated personal interactions as a high-functioning sociopath
  • Pitbull realising that his gang stole the medical supplies destined for Dust’s End, and stashing the crates for future plans

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