Big, Burly biker in leathers with lightning motiff on back. Shaved head with big bushy black moustache/Beard


Cool +2
Hard +2
Hot -1
Sharp 0
Weird -1

Magnum 3 Harm, Close, Reload, Loud
Machete 3 Harm, Hand, Messy
2 Armour Combat Biker Wear, Kevlar plates

Pity -1
Marlon +1
Mr Smith +2
Nils -2


Pitbul is the leader of the biker gang Desert Storm, a group of 15 disciplened shits who like nothing better than riding and raping, who up untill recently were based in Edgewatch untill growing finincial difficulties with Millions lead to Pitbull and the Desert Storm leaving in the night and seeking Mercers protection in Greyweed. She bailed Pitbull out but has forced him and the gang to work for her at half barter!!(And no more raping!!!)
Pitbull has little choice in this matter but she does provide good guns for the boys and the mechanic in town is pretty cute. (The other choice is Nils but Pitbull wont let him near his beloved Rolling Thunder).
And to his surprise who else is in town than that cold bastard Mr Smith, who one day stepped out infront of the gang as they were heading out of town. Pitbull was just going to run the idiot down, but Mr Smith frooze him with eyes that threatened extreme violence. Trust me, Pitbulls not squemish but this guy just gave him the shits. Not that he will admit it! turns out there was a fuckin kitten on the road and Mr Smith had stepped out infront of 16 hard as muther fuckers to save it. Work that shit out.
Anyway as it stands the boys have it sweet at the moment with an employer that isnt to much of a bitch, plenty of booze and girls, and some pretty new guns thanks to the boss.


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