Mr Smith


Battle Babe

Cool +3
Hard +2
Hot +1
Sharp +1
Weird -1

Nils Spector -1
Marlon +1
Dez -1
Pity +1

Dangerous and sexy
Ice cold
Insane-o like drain-o


Anders Smith was born to Mary & Zeb Smith sometime after the great fall of the world, they lived with their daughter Rose in the town of Ridgeware, where Zeb owned & ran the local bath house & Baraber shop.

Young Anders was a quiet boy, not a recluse but by no means extroverted, he was just at home climbing a tree as he was reading a book.

Round the years of puberty there were 2 or 3 incidents of the young Smith boy getting into altercations with other local children… when I say altercation it was more a case of someone finding the body of the child that Anders had previously had a run in with lying limp and unconscious, either badly beaten or with minor lacerations… No one ever pointed the finger at Anders; there was talk but as none of the other children could quite remember what happened it was left alone.

His Teen years passed uneventfully until one dire day when Anders was 19…

This is when a band of waste-burnt savages attacked Rigdeware, as the town was relatively peaceful the settlement was overrun quickly.

Anders had to watch as his Father and Sister were killed and his mother raped…this either snapped something inside of Anders or just brought it back to the surface.. in a cool calm manner he picked up his father’s set of prized antique pre-fall straight razors and systematically slit the throats, gutted or simply eviscerated anyone he came into contact with… raiders or town folk alike…. There were even mixed reports of whether or not the young Smith boy killed his own mother…

Those who did see the young killer in action say it was like watching a possessed soul, he moved with clarity of natural grace, like someone animated by the Weird.

Once the attack was over no-one could find young Anders he had simply vanished into the surrounding wastes.

Mr Smith has no memory of this; he remebers the attack on Ridgeware but not his part in it… He knows something happened involving him but no details although he has never used his given name since then…

In contrast to this Mr Smith, who stands at 5’11" with shoulder length brown ringlets of hair, is a rather nice person when it comes to day to day matters.. happy to help people or even crack a joke.

That demeanor soon fades if he feels trouble brewing, where he is taken by a flash of the Weird and will gut the cause of the trouble without hesitating….

Mr Smith

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