Dust to Dust

Well Shit....

Son of a whore who was left ta die in a back ally, Donkey raping ass clowns, inbreed midget carny’s!!! Fuck! Fuck!! FUCK!!!

Well that proved ta be a spectacularly bad few days… Now I thought I’d try n play nice n keep Nils outta trouble as he goes poking round the out skirts of deathville. But old monkey limbs musta seen something shinny n runs of in ta a dark supposedly abandoned building. Fucking hick.
Now low n behold we get jumped by gimps… yup gimps, clad in rubber n ready ta go gimps… anyways I can handle a few goons when it comes ta a game of knify spoony n even old Nils is holdin his own but next thing ya know we start getting mind fucked by god knows what n it all goes dark…

Now I ain’t a fan a gettin the tar kicked outta me but if ya are out gunned then so be it but if ya go n bring weird mind powers in ta it then that’s just cheating.
So me n Nils wakes up ta find all the gimps have bugged out but we are still feelin a world of hurt, our bones ache n those sick fucks have drilled holes in our limbs and I still have a boring pain in my skull… worse thing is that if we are still alive this means it ain’t over yet…
So we limp our asses back ta town in a sorry sorry state ta find Pitbull n his crew have turned up, at a guess old Merca has sent them out this way ta ensure none of the infected make it back ta Grayweed, us included if we get a case of the pox…
Anyways over the next few days I drop in n outta the land of the living, Dez helps get me up n running but the noise in my head n the holes in my arm show no sign a gettin better, that can’t be good..

Now from what I can put together it turns out the town is missing a few people n these freaks are probably responsible n that Marlons car is talking ta him so he reckons he can track these fuckers down (I really need ta start hanging out with a better class of people)
According ta Nils these fucks are lead by sum body modded asshole n for him I have a plan.
Now way I see it these fucks like pain so I’m gonna grab sum drugs from old Dez n when I find their ring leader, I plan on knocking him out n doping him up ta high heaven. So much so he won’t even feel in when I slice his limbs off, now I don’t mean hack em off helter skelter like, I’m meaning to do it professional like, even sew him up proper like so we can call him nubbs afterwards. Then I plan on taking stumpy Joe out ta the wastes n propping him up somewhere good n open so the fuck can die a slow death from the elements… Hell if he likes pain then make him hurt by knowing that he is gonna die long n slow from exposure. Fuck you buddy!

So thanks ta Marlons marvelous talking fucking car, we thinks we find the gimps hide out, my problem is the closer we get the more my head hurts… Then as I walk through their front door my world goes black… Well Shit again.



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