Dust to Dust

The new fella...

Well I’ll be fucked twice n called a whore , we made it outta Edgeswatch intact, hell we even seem ta have gotten some help from old Millions, granted the half dozen mooks travelling in the old pickup truck behind us seem a bit flighty but free meat shields can’t be turned down… But we did seem ta get a heavy hitter in the form of a fella named Quaid, tough looking fucker with a nice rifle on his back… seen Nils eye’n that up already in regards ta the shiny bangstick… Had a quick palaver ta him bout the church ah cunts that have taken up residence down in the crater of Edgeswatch. He didn’t seem ta know too much about em but was worth a try.

So we all meet up at the shit lake water hole n low n behold Marlon has a passenger in his car, our resident driver must be softening ta playin taxi. Well granted the woman has a bag on her head and she is passed out but we keep Nils around n hee has a even worse idea of what date night entails so each ta their own… Merca goes off her nut when she see he is running something on the side, well that’s what I guessing. Probably something ta do with those porn dealers back in town? Dez checks her out n next thing we know this mystery woman has grabbed her n shit gets weaird n they both scream n pass out… While all this is going on we hear a noise off ta the side n get that feelin that we are being spyed on, so time ta hit the trail as it were.
Now cause of the shifting nature of the wastes the terrain changes constantly n we find ourselves barrelling down the side of a gorge at night, now Nils must be off in his own we world, cause he seems ta speed up rather than slow down, not the tactic I would have used but the rest of our crew weren’t keen on me driving the wham-bulance home. ‘N what do ya fuckin know, up ahead there just seems ta be a wreak of a old car place across our path, well least I’ll get ta se how this new fella handles himself in a scrape. See everyone seems ta be expecting me ta be all marco n alpha male n all that bullshit about another heavy hitter turning up, but fuck I could care less, fact is may take some off the stress of me ta have ta step up all the time, with Merca seeming more n more useless these days maybe a change ah management isn’t the worse thing in the world. Still I don’t have much time for Millions but I ain’t ‘specting him ta just walk away from our town once this mess with the Sons ah Satan is over, no matter how sweet his new terms with Merca are now, but till I have ta pick sides me n Quid will get along just fine as long as he don’t fuck with me n mine.

So back ta the present, Nils actually seems ta speed up n rams the make shift road block, N we sail on past, course it then wedges in place n cuts us off from the rest of the convoy but shit we didn’t die in a ball of flames so that’s a bonus. Next thing we know a pair a spot lights are shinning down on us n we are all lit up… time ta earn my keep I guess… I bank left n Quid heads right, as I crest the top ah the rise I see Nils standing over the body of a unconscious mook with crow bar in hand n working on shifting the spot lights gaze off our lil troop. How the fuck does that boy have the ability ta pop up at the best time n then the next day he seems ta disappear ta fucking no ware at the worst a times… I’d ask him but I have a feeling he don’t rightly know himself.

Pity he don’t see the heavy coming up behind him though but that’s what I’m here for so I do my thing. Behind me I hear a crash as the other light goes out, nice ta see the new boy’s working out. I look back down the rise n see Marlon’s car hanging off the side of the gorge as Dez takes a flying leap on ta the bonnet ta act as a counter weight… fuck this has been a odd trip.
I double time it down the cliff side, just in time ta put myself between the see-sawing car n the oncoming ambushers, Quaid must ah leashed that fancy looking shooter off of his back as two ah the oncoming fuckers head suddenly turn in ta a red mist with a sweet poppin sound… I like that trick. n speaking ah sudden events Marlon car roars over precipice back ta safety, mowing down the last couple ah assholes as I leap ta the side.

So we seem ta be outta the woods, just another day in paradise ah guess…



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