Dust to Dust

Session Four

In attendance were:

Nils Spector, the Savvyhead
Mr Smith, the Battlebabe
Marlon, the Driver
Pitbull, the Chopper
Dez, the Angel

While the events of the previous session had been happening, Dez has been negotiating for supplies to upgrade the infirmary back in Grayweed. Her haggling went well, and she loads up the Whambulance with crates of supplies, only slightly concerned at the “Property of Dust’s End” stamps on them. As she finishes loading the crates, the rest of the party approaches with the forced nonchalant stroll of people who have just caused a potential shit-storm.

Pitbull quickly rounds up the rest of his gang, who pile into the back of the Whambulance, with Nils driving and Mr Smith riding shotgun. Marlon goes to collect his car, only to find Pierre, the leader of the militia, lounging against it, his pearl-handled Magnums prominently displayed. Despite the threat of violence, Marlon drives off without incident.

The group drives out of Edgewatch under the malevolent gaze of the entirety of the well-armed militia, all of whom have appeared to make sure they leave. Pierre in particular was there to see Marlon off. Feeling they have narrowly averted disaster, the small convoy heads south back to Grayweed, with Marlon on point, Pitbull and his lieutenant Shithead at the rear, and the Whambulance crammed with PCs, medical supplies, and smelly gang members.

About half-way through their journey, as they exit the narrow ravine road that allows access to the plateau on which Edgewatch sits, the outriders notice a plume of dust on either side of the road, rapidly converging on their convoy. Marlon heads off-road to the west to investigate, while Pitbull and Shithead head east on their powerful bikes.

Marlon identifies an off-road motorbike and a baja-racer pickup heading directly towards the Whambulance. Suspecting they are driving them towards an ambush, he moves to intercept. Underestimating the power of Marlon’s car, the bandits continue onwards, taking potshots as he moves behind them. With some deft driving, he dodges most of the bullets, then shunts the pick-up, which ends up in a barrel roll, crushing the riflemen in the back and coming to a sudden halt wrapped around a large rock formation. Unfortunately, the impact also stalls Marlon’s car, and as he tries to restart it, the motorcyclist circles back round, SMG blazing.

Meanwhile, Pitbull identifies two off-road bikes approaching from the east, and recognising the potential ambush (having conducted plenty in his time), motions to Shithead that they should rejoin the Whambulance. The two bandit bikes approach within shooting distance, and pillion passengers begin peppering the Whambulance with SMG fire. Pitbull attempts a strong braking maneuver to drop back and flank the riders, but ends up stalling his un-cooperative chopper. As Nils speeds on, he sees Pitbull disappearing in his rear-view mirror.

As the western rider races towards Marlon’s car, SMG blazing, Marlon ducks down and grabs his shotgun. As the bike gets within range, Marlon pops up and opens fire. He catches an SMG round in the shoulder, but the shotgun blast tears the rider apart. His bike slams into the hood of Marlon’s car, and with a noisy hiss, a plume of steam erupts from the radiator.

Nils, driving the Whambulance, suddenly senses a disturbance in the maelstrom; Marlon’s car is in pain. He swings the wheel hard to the right, throwing the passengers around. Dez manages to cushion the most fragile crates, at the expense of some bumps and bruises. Ignoring the angry yells of the passengers, Nils races off into the dust waste, leaving Shithead wondering where everyone has gone.

Pitbull restarts his hog, and races up the road to try to catch up with Shithead. He sees the two off-road bikes cutting in front of him, and drawing his huge Magnum hand-cannon, begins blazing away. They return fire, grazing Pitbull and hitting something in the engine that causes an ominous clunking sound. However, Pitbull hits one of them in the face, and the resulting shower of gore convinces the riders that there are better places to be, and they hightail it into the wastes. Just as Pitbull thinks he’s in the clear, the ominous clunking suddenly becomes the sound of tearing metal, and the bike topples over, spilling Pitbull into a long slide down the bumpy highway.

Meanwhile, the Whambulance arrives to find Marlon trying to fix his radiator. Nils rushes to help, then opens his brain to the psychic maelstrom in an effort to communicate with the dead baja-racer and locate spare parts to repair Marlon’s car. Meanwhile, Dez and Mr Smith take to the high ground to get the lay of the land. They see Pitbull picking himself up on the highway, Shithead racing back down the road towards him, and a glint of reflected sunlight from something approaching further up the road. Their concerns are interrupted as with the sound of grinding metal, the baja-racer rolls over, trapping Nils underneath.

Pitbull sees Shithead approaching, and he looks like he’s not planning on stopping. Pitbull stares him down, and Shithead reluctantly stops to pick him up. He informs Pitbull that a truck full of bandits is approaching, and they quickly head towards the others. They arrive to find Marlon attempting to repair his car, Dez and the gangers lifting the baja-racer off a battered but successful Nils, and Mr Smith preparing to fight off whoever is coming in the truck.

The truck, a ramshackle ex-Army transport reinforced with sheets of metal, pulls up just out of range of small-arms fire. A voice over a loud speaker demands that they turn over Nils, and if they do they won’t be hurt. The more mercenary PCs debate turning over Nils, but Dez (and Nils!) don’t like that plan. Pitbull scrounges up an elderly stick-grenade from Shithead’s saddle-bag, and advocates fighting. The others suggest running, but Marlon won’t leave his car behind. The bandits force the issue by debarking some soldiers, and the group decides the best plan is for Shithead to take Nils and make a run for it. They do so, and the truck leaves, chasing after them.

After a long and unpleasant journey, Shithead and Nils reach Grayweed without the bandits catching them. Meanwhile, with no mechanic, the rest of the group tows Marlon’s car slowly behind the very cramped Whambulance, and after Pitbull patches up his ride, they limp back to Grayweed as well, managing to avoid the bandits on the way.

When everyone is back in Grayweed, Mercer, the hardholder, demands a report. Most of the group are pretty angry with Nils, blaming him for the situation. Marlon punches Nils when he sees him, and Nils starts to fight back before Rum and Pitbull separate them. The group inform Mercer that most of the mercs they talked to think Nils is a witch, at which point Marlon reveals the story he heard about Nils being a child molester. The group explodes with accusations and denials. Mercer quiets everything down, and after interrogating the group, finds out that they have managed to offend Millions as well as Pierre and his militia, that they attacked some of the militia in the bar, that all of Edgewatch think Nils is a deviant, and that Dez appears to have stolen a bunch of supplies earmarked for Dust’s End. And on top of all that, they failed to find any information about Rice’s death like she asked them to. With her head in her hands, she asks them to leave.

Nils heads back to his workshop to work on a bionic arm, Pitbull takes his bike from Tao’s garage to Nils for repairs, Marlon instead takes his car to Tao for repairs, Dez works to set up the infirmary, and Mr Smith threatens Tao with violence, at which point she seduces him. Everything is getting complicated!

Highlights of the session:

  • Dez – “What do you mean, can we trust his judgment? His name is Shithead, what do YOU think?”
  • Marlon and Nils coming to blows, and the underlying tension between them leading to Marlon changing mechanics
  • Mr Smith and his complicated personal interactions as a high-functioning sociopath
  • Pitbull realising that his gang stole the medical supplies destined for Dust’s End, and stashing the crates for future plans



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