Dust to Dust

Session Five, Six, Seven - Nils

Okay, this time I’m REALLY serious Sparky; I am NEVER leaving Greyweed again. Though the way I’m feeling now, I don’t know if I could travel anywhere if I wanted to. Oh, I only nearly got killed a few times, and actually tortured twice, and shot some evil psycho tech-raping fvckers, and didn’t even find any useful tech that I could bring back! You ever heard of the Church of Noise? Count yourself lucky, I wish I hadn’t. Stay away from them Sparky, the Maelstrom only knows what they’d do to you.
A few days ago, holy shit, I have no idea how many, I’ve lost track of the days. A few days ago anyway, in fact, it was the day after Marlon shafted me, I went to see Monk. I thought if Marlon wasn’t gonna let me work on his car anymore, I might as well get that mysterious tech. Monk was already talking to Tao, which didn’t bode well… but surely it was just a threat that he’d give Tao the tech, right? I mean no one could seriously think she could do anything useful with it, right? Wrong. Somehow he had already heard about Marlon’s monumentally stupid decision, and had indeed given it to Tao. Okay, plan B… certainly not ideal, but you do what you must, right Sparky?
So I offered her an apprenticeship, with VERY strict conditions. I thought she would be as reluctant to accept as I was to offer, but she got very loud and squeally and huggy. Most perturbing. She went to get me the tech, and I swear, just when I think I’ve seen the the limits of human stupidity (i.e. Marlon, i.e. Monk), someone breaks out the weapons grade stupid. She’d broken it. Honestly, it seems lately that the Maelstrom is going out of it’s way to fvck me over. But I’m stuck with her, and if she stays straight she’ll learn a sh!tload, which can only be good for Greyweed, and cars everywhere. Maybe someday I’ll recover from the disappointment enough to take a look at the tech and see what can be done with it.
I went to work on my bionic arm idea, and sometime later (next day maybe?) Dez came to see me… she needed me to drive the Whambulance and some stuff to Dust’s End, something about a pox. I didn’t really hear because my brain was racing: as much as I didn’t want to go out of Greyweed again, I knew I’d need Dez’s help with my bionic arm, and if I went she’d owe me. Plus the ruins around Dust’s End are known to be filled with tech, so I should have been able to pick up some exciting stuff – sigh. Dez agreed to owe me a favour, so I was one step closer to bionic-armness, but I had to ask Mr Smith to come along as well. That also involved some negotiation, you may have noticed the lack of scrap metal around here now? Yeah, it’s fortfying the hardhold. The entire time I was away, when I wasn’t being kidnapped or shot at, I was worrying about my junkyard… but it’s surprisingly ok. Tao isn’t as useless as she appears. ‘Course, I will need to rebuild my stocks, but that shouldn’t be problem. Sh!t, I wish I hadn’t said that out loud…
Anyway, we went off to Dust’s End and found it full of sick and/or dead people. I was anxious to find some tech, but before I could really explore, Dez found that Ill had been skinned. He was the Dust’s End Hardholder, and Mr Smith reckons it was done while he was alive. Not nice at all. Personally, I don’t believe it was the Church of Noise that did it, not that they aren’t capable of such atrocities. It just doesn’t have the same feel; it lacked the ritual elements of their particular brand of fvcking psycho-ness. Yeah, I know Sparky, don’t worry, you’ll hear more than enough about them soon. It’s possible that whoever killed Rice also killed Ill, but the Maelstrom knows there’s more than enough nutjobs out there; it way be unrelated.
That cut into my tech-finding time, so next morning I was very keen to get into the ruins. The others saw smoke nearby, but usually burnt tech = useless tech, so I wasn’t interested. What was much more appealing (at the time) was my bones telling me to check out a particular building, stupid bones! I wish I’d never gone in there. It seemed fine at first; probably a garage in a past life, and some good looking tools laid out. Not quite what I was after, and a bit messy, but I figured you can’t have too many tools. I can’t bring myself to touch the fvcking things now, let alone use them, knowing what has been done with them…
Just as I was examining them closer, I got interrupted by an odd fellow who looked like he was in some sort of costume. Turns out this was our first contact with the fvcking Church of Noise. He wasn’t friendly, but he was soon taken care of. He was followed by a REALLY odd fellow who had taken his costume a bit far – rivetted a metal plate over his eyes, and inserted what I think is called a graphic equaliser into his chest – a scary-ass guy, let me tell you. Course, he’s not so scary now, ha ha! Oh, I killed him Sparky, but I’m getting ahead of myself. He attacked me and started messing with time, it seemed. Scary, like I said. But I let the Maelstrom guide me, and was able to go toe to toe with him… for about 10 seconds. Fvcker knocked me out, and I was sure I was gonna wake up dead. Instead, I woke up wishing I was dead. He got Mr Smith too… yeah, that’s how scary he was. But I killed him, killed him dead. Oh, I mentioned that? Well, it was pretty impressive, I gotta say. No, it wasn’t then, he was long gone, and we were barely able to limp back, bruised and battered and literally full of holes. Well, okay, not literally FULL, but… see these holes in my arm? Yeah, they hurt like a bitch, and Dez can’t seem to make them better.
Seems the others had some excitement of their own, and Marlon seems to be trying to horn in on my gig, apparently his Impala was talking to him. Dick. As the saying goes, the Maelstrom works in weird ways, and it seems to have led Marlon to the Church’s base near Dust’s End. As we got closer the noise in my and Mr Smith’s head got worse. Mr Smith passed out trying to enter the building, and I thought I’d open my brain to the Maelstrom again, since it worked earlier… not such a great plan, as it happens. This time, it just hit me with a big fvcking stick, and I was out. When Mr Smith and I woke up, the others had gone into the evil hell-building, and we were about to be shot at. Things are kinda hazy after that; shots were fired at us, shots were fired by us, Mr Smith got hit, Mr Smith got held hostage, Mr Smith killed everyone. I must have been suffering some after effects of the Maelstrom, because next thing I know, that evil fvcking freak had actually CRUCIFIED me! I know! Who does that? Psycho tech-raping arseholes, that’s who. I managed to somewhat free myself, and with a little help from Pitbull in person and Dez and Mr Smith in spirit, I took Pitbull’s Magnum and blasted that stupid fvcking graphic equaliser right though his mutant chest. Holy Maelstrom, it felt good! As he died we all got a vision of the wastelands with lights scattered across it, one of which winked out. It seems that this freak wasn’t the only one out there, which both terrifies me and fills me with furious anger. But that’s something to worry about another day; now that we’ve limped back to town, I just want to sleep for a month or two… talk to you then Sparky.



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