Dust to Dust

Session 7 - Summary

In attendance were:

Nils Spector, the Savvyhead
Mr Smith, the Battlebabe
Marlon, the Driver
Dez, the Angel
Pitbull, the Chopper

  • Nils gets smashed by maelstrom
  • Pitbull, Marlon and Dez head inside
  • Mr Smith and Nils are shot at outside
  • Pitbull fall through hole in floor, Dez follows
  • Mr Smith shot by sniper, Nils shoots back
  • Dez heals Pitbull, Pitbull kills bad guy
  • Mr Smith taken hostage, fights back. Nils exchanges shots with sniper
  • Marlon gets in gunfight, goes down
  • Mr Smith kills everyone, Nils freaks out
  • Dez heals everyone except Marlon
  • Pitbull goes for supplies, notices Whambulance gone
  • Dez stabilises Marlon, who is badly hurt
  • Pitbull goes looking for Nils, finds him on cross
  • Pitbull attacks, Nils gets loose, other astrally project
  • Mutant dies, vision of other mutants
  • load Marlon in Whambulance, head back to Grayweed



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