Dust to Dust

Session 6 - Summary

In attendance were:

Nils Spector, the Savvyhead
Mr Smith, the Battlebabe
Marlon, the Driver
Dez, the Angel
Pitbull, the Chopper

  • Nils and Mr Smith explore the abandoned workshop
  • Marlon and Dez are investigating the burned body when they hear gunfire to the south
  • They investigate and find Pitbull and his gang pinned down by unknown assailants
  • Nils and Mr Smith are attacked by cultists
  • Dez leaves the car to help the gang, while Marlon guns it through the crossfire. Pitbull is confronted by and decapitates Billy Bob
  • After despatching the cultists, Nils and Mr Smith are attacked by the mutant. Mr Smith passes out, and Nils is knocked unconscious
  • Dez, Pitbull, and the boys storm the high-ground, while Marlon mops up the survivors. They head back to Dust’s End
  • Nils and Mr Smith awaken battered and bruised, and head back to Dust’s End
  • Dez treats their injuries as best she can, but the drill marks don’t respond



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