Dust to Dust

Session 11 - Summary

In attendance were:

Nils Spector, the Savvyhead
Mr Smith, the Battlebabe
Marlon, the Driver
Dez, the Angel
Quade, the Gunlugger

  • Pierre sends Quade along with 5 other mercenaries to evaluate Grayweed’s defenses
  • Marlon arranges with Jimmy to leave Edgewatch via his smuggler’s route, and to deliver a box if cigars to Pellet
  • The group meets up at Devil’s Water, where Dez tries to awaken Matilda but gets some ominous visions instead
  • Quade and Mr Smith hear movement nearby, so they mount up and head south
  • As darkness falls, they approach a ravine leading down from the plateau
  • Nils sees a barricade ahead and smashes through it, but blocks the road behind
  • Spotlights light up on the cliffs, as a group of bandits begins shooting at the convoy
  • After the Whambulance is immobilised, Mr Smith climbs a cliff to one spotlight, only to find Nils already there
  • Quade shoots out the other spotlight, causing an explosion that kills several bandits
  • Marlon runs down several bandits, but then finds his Impala stuck hanging over a steep drop
  • Dez moves to help the injured mercs, but seeing Marlon in trouble runs to help
  • Mr Smith kills the bandit threatening Nils, and Nils takes control of the spotlight by speaking to it
  • As the bandits rush the Impala, Dez leaps on the bonnet to stop it falling into the pit
  • Quade snipes two bandits, and in the confusion Marlon runs down the others
  • Quade hears a mysterious voice congratulate him, and tell him to make sure they reach Grayweed safely



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