Dust to Dust

Pitbulls musings..

Got to shoot some fuckers though they dinged up ma bike. Bullet in the head will teach them, haha.
Most surprising thing thats happened is that have discovered that Nils isn’t just a long armed freak but a genuine genius with machines. Decided he can look after the gangs bikes as just having him near seems to make her purr. Nils may be a kiddie fiddler but thats fine, wont be the first i’ve known and won’t be the last…might have to keep an eye out for him, not often you find a mechanic like this..now if only he wasnt so spacey we could be get along…ah but who really gives a shit about getting along…just tools for using.
Also that angel girl (wonder if she can be “used”)bought supplies that me and the boyz had ripped from Dust End (Fun time had by all) at Millions orders, he was gonna repackage them and sell them back to Dust End, but easier to sell it to Dez I guess. Took the packages off her to “get rid of”…might be able to use them to get back at that bastard Millions…talk to Mercer maybe?….or Mr Smith….he seems to know a few things…will need to deal with that french dick too, he knows too much…Seems marlon has a beef with him…gonna have to break some heads…fun times!



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