Dust to Dust

Mr Smiths take on recent events (1-4)

So it has been an interesting few weeks even by this shit burgs standards…was out shootin some targets when Pity rolls on up – folks say that’s freaky enough at the best of times but she(?) has never bothered me none, anyways we hear this death rattle of a scream, ya know the kind that just sound that you know what ever the fuck just made it is in a world o hurt.
So anyways we high tail it over ta find lil Rice gutted n on the way out of this world. Now in a professional sense the cut was a good one but whoever did the knife work was a bit sloppy letting the girl scream, now I have no problem with letting a person suffer but heck you can do it in silence, a quick punch in the throat to bruise the vocal cords some n you won’t hear a peep out a vic for a few hours then you go in nice n close with your blade….

Anyways Rice drifts on outta this mortal coil n Pity must try her voodoo head magic but this times she boggles it or something n it drops her on her rear… So I strole back to our lil oasis in the weeds to find Marlons back in town but somehow has managed to beat the shit outta Mox even though he wasn’t even in town till about a half n hour ago. So I let Dez know she needs a new helper for her lil Doctors office, needless to say she aint to happy… we roll back to the scene of the crime ta find Pitty still havin a wee nap n drag the kill back ta Greyweed. After a while Mercer tells use all ta pull our heads in but not before one of Shiggs thugs trys to get up in my face… he’ll keep… anyways turns out me, Dez, Pity, Marlon, Pity n Mils, our local tech head, have the distinguished honour of trackin’ down the Rice’s killer.. all Pity could seem ta be able to “see” was a car? Will have ta keep n eye on both Marlon n that ass hat Monk… Swear to God if he finger guns at me, I will sever those didgets from that’s asshole hands.
The next day the Tanker from Edgewatch pulls in to get their fuel processed, nothing out of the ordinary there till one of the mooks starts givin old Nils the stink eye… I have a soft spot for the Savvy head, knows what it’s like ta have people look you in a odd ass way… hell he may try n rape toasters in his spare time but he has always been respectful ta me so I can let that slide…

Now Mercer has a grand plan for us to head on over ta Edgeswatch with PitBull n a helpin of his crew. Never know where I stand with the old biker… time will tell I guess. I’m figure it’s something ta do with the work Marlon does for her, playin courier for something thats important ta her n Millions, I’ll keep n eye on him case he needs back up.
Before we leave I find myself havin a drink with Toa the over go to girl in town for fixing machines up, now she looks mighty fine in her jeans, but it seems she has an alternative lil something in mind rather than wanting to get to know me to personal like. Lil miss has the balls ta ask me ta make Nils life extra hard or possibly even end it… I don’t take to kindly ta people tryin ta play me so her n me will have a lil talk when I get back I feel.
SO cut ta the road n after i warn Nils about Tao, a weird ass storm rolls over us pissin down, I shit you not, warm tar. So any we pull over till it clears n we get ambushed by some rad’ wasters, now while that’s less than good it aint to surprising but then we turn round n Nils has gone walk about… dick…

As we are trackin him down we stumble over one of the Edgewatch thugs who seems to have gone n gotten his shelf all sliced up just like Rice… Not sure how I avoided wearing the blame on this one but I’m not gonna complain none but does leave me ta think that one of our lil party maybe a lil less righteous than we first thought.
We pick off the remaining wasters, who turn out ta be cannibals, fun times.
Nils seems ta have found a new gadget but later when he tries ta put the moves on it, he ends up on his ass for the remaindered of our lil road trip.

Well we thought the trip to Millions hard hold was rough, we get a less than hug filled welcome once we arrive. But at least it’s not me who seems to be stirring things up. Nils seems to have a reputation as a witch in these parts n Marlon royally pisses off Millions rights hand man, ta be honest was kinda hopin that Marlon would throw down with Pierre, who I been told is a frenchy? Not that I know what the fuck that is. Anyways would’ve kinda liked ta see what the man can do when he isn’t in his car. Things realy come ta a head later on when we are tryin ta have a drink n the local were not so obliging. Round the same time Marlon has the drop off with Millions, least that explains the increase in armed men in the bar. Old Millions has beefed up his firepower quite a bit.. will have ta make sure I pass that on ta Mercer.
So I follow Marlon in ta his handover n Millions is less than impressed to see he brought company, he can cry me a fucking river, as the punk gets put in his place with a stern look n firm voice. Now we decide that at this point we should tactfully withdraws from Edgeswatch as well we seems ta have pissed off the whole god dawn town. At least Dez has found the supplies she was after.. not quite so sure they say “Dusts End” on it.. that can’t be good in the long run… so anyways we high tail it.

A few hours pass n we seem ta pick up some unwanted guests on our trip home, Pitbull n Marlon do a good job of fucking them up but their own vehicles seem ta take a bit of a hiding to. So we split in the Whambulance only to be chased down but a mother fucking mechanical monster filled ta the brim with armed goons, who then processed ta pin us down n demand we hand over Nils!? What the fuck… Don’t seem ta be Millions boys but they don’t volunteer any info on who or why they want our tech head… ta cut a long story short we send Nils off on the back of Shitheads bike, one of Pitbulls crews n hope they take the bait… Now seems old God all mighty is smiling on us for once n they follow the chopper, the pair of em should be able to outpace it on a bike. I was impressed ta how well our resident Angle stood up to those of us who were thinkin on handing over Mr Nils, I do like a girl with back bone.

Cut back to Greyweed n we limp trough the towns front gate looking a lil worse for wear to say the very fucking minimum, good ta see that both Nils n Shithead made it back ok though. So we roll into ta see Mercer n tell her the trips “highlights” well needless to say she is pissed at just about every aspect of what we did… I give her a heads up on Millions lil armed reserve. The conversation gets a bit heated n Marlon drops a bombshell! Rumour has it sometime back over n Edgewatch Nils raped a young boy. Course Nils adamantly denies this, says he aint never been to Edgewatch before a few days ago but that would explain why people were less than welcoming n want his hide… Can’t say I remember Nils ever leaving Greyweed so will have to find out the truth in all this but if it does turn out he has even looked at a kid funny then I’ll literally skin n cure his long armed ass and put it on display for a warning to any other sick fucks out there…

Next I tend to some personal business, I go see Tao, as I said I’m not keen on being played so I wait for her to make an appearance at her tent, she quickly gets the message, I even suggest she should work with Nils for a spell. We fuck just to show there aint no hard feelings, water under the bridge n all.



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