Dust to Dust

Dez's Journal Entries

Auto-transcripting active
Can’t…speak for more than… a few minutes at a…

time. Double Happies…self…administered… Yeeeeeahhhhh

Auto-transcripting active
Recovered enough to sort out some supplies for setting up a ‘firm back home.
Surprsingly easier than expected, but that could have something to do with the entire stash branded by Dust’s End, but screw it – we need it, and it’s not my care how these lowballs got their hands on it.
Now just have to make it back home with me and the meds intact, which would be a shit-ton easier if I wasn’t teamed up with the brainfukd brothers.
Speaking of which, the way they are strolling towards me, and the suddenly edgy mood of pretty much every bastard in Edgewatch, means they have probably kept true to form and it’s time to roll schnell.

Final testament. If You find this Merc, it is all Nils’ fault.
We were most of the way home when we got bushwhacked and ended up in a run and gun, which nearly got me killed when Nils’ driving forced me to dive under a ton of crates to save them – and now we are stuck behind this goddamn rock in a standoff with a bunch of militants with a hard-on for Nils.
Fuck em, he’s your property, not theirs, and I sadly may need him to help set up the infirmary. Hopefully if we send him off with Pitbull’s goons, they’ll leave us alone.

Huh. It worked.
Now we just have to crawl home sans Nils and dragging Marlons junked wagon.

Wellllll, that was revealing!
Guess we should have thrown Nils to the wolves afer all. I knew he wasn’t right brainwise, but never suspected him of being a kiddy fiddler as well as a techno witch.
That said… I just don’t know if he has the sharps to act as surprised and mortified as he did.
Spose poor Merc will have final say on his fate. I need to set up the ’firm and get rid of these boxes. Fortunately Pitbull has kindly offered to dispose of them, which is a weight off.



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