Dust to Dust

Dez's Auto-log

Thankfully, Merc didn’t seem too fazed by the med-bill. Guess after the dramas of recent events, she’s just glad it doesn’t involve violence.

Speaking of – the boys need to sort their sh!t out.
Have a fistfight or a circle-jerk or whatever it is they need to do to get over it. Like it or not, we’ll need to have each others backs if word about Millions is true.
I don’t think anyone seriously believes all that crap about Nils anyway. He may be a spacecase, but I don’t think he’s THAT fucked up.

Biostabs, chemostabs, narcostabs, meatmesh… Should be everything I need for Dust End.
I don’t feel guilty about the supplies, I got those on the square…but, I am the Angel I guess. Be pretty lame to leave them to the Pox on limited meds, and from what Marlon said, they sound pretty heavy hit.
‘Sides, I get to ride in Marl’s wheels, and that’s like the inner sanctum!
Had to promise Nils a favour to bring the Whambulance along, but I think I know what he has in mind, and I gotta admit my curiosity is piqued. Should be interesting.

Well that was fun. Marlon’s car is a pretty sweet ride, but it def needs a girl’s touch. Not the easiest car to get comfortable in, especially with that panicky look Marls gave me every time I moved.

Jeezus, even compared to home sweet desolation, Dust End sucks.

Got here just in time by the looks. Marlon’s buddy Exit should make a full recovery, as well as the rest of the poxies here.
Same can’t be said for the poor sonofabitch hardholder, Ill. Whoever got to him is one sadistic bastard, and I guess he’s still loose. I’m almost glad we brought along our own psychopath now. At least Smith is a known quantity.

Can’t see why anyone would want to stay here now, between the pox, the killer and, well, Dust end being Dust End. Maybe some of them could bulk up our numbers back home, if Merc can sort the logistics, but we’ll need to make sure Ill’s killer isn’t one of them.
We’re full on Psychos

Hmm, I really just wanna get out of here asap, but that smoke over there can’t be good, and I doubt anyone in this town is capable of dealing with any kinda trouble right now.
Sounds like Nils and Smith want to explore anyway, so guess me and Marl can go scout out what’s causing the smoke. Yay the heroes…



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