Dust to Dust

...Another day in paradise...

Yah know I’m on the verge of simply sayin fuck this town, fuck it’s inbreed waste burnt yokels, let the dumb fucks burn.

…Maybe I should back up a bit, ya see me n the rest of the crew get back in ta town n drift off ta do our own thing, I’m at a loose end so I offer ta give Pit a hand rigging the newly acquired spotlight in ta place so Nils can wire it up. As we are pissing round Shithead limps on over, mans taken a beating recently, a fact old Pit is less than happy about. Turns out Head – As he has had the shit beaten outta him for the time being – was off makin the beast with 2 backs with the daughter of one of the locals n as hewas walkin back ta the gangs compound, when he was jumped outside a the local watering hole.

Now as far as gangs go, it’s down ta the leader, in this case Pitbull ta crack heads when needs be, so some outsiders taking it on themselves ta mess with one of his boys is less than fucking desirable. So it comes down ta Pit ta make this right in the eyes of his gang.
So we wander over ta the local bar, at this point I’m in tow ta make sure Pit doesn’t kill someone, mainly cause the town can use all the meat shields it can muster at the moment. We try ta strike up a conversation with the bar keep but the unwashed fuck has massive chip on his shoulder over something n tries ta stone wall us. Fuck that. I remind Pit a how he dealt with the asshole in that bar in Edgeswatch… SMACK!

Now it’s round this point a few of the local seem ta get a bit edgy, now a fight in a bar in the wastes is like Nils getting excited when a school bus drives by… it just happens, so I have no fuckin idea as ta why their ears prick up till one ah the townsfolk in no uncertain terms tell Pit ta leave. Now I don’t just mean from the bar he is meaning pack up n leave the whole fucking town.

FOR FUCK SAKE! The towns folk seem ta have it in their pea sized brains that all this trouble with the Hounds is cause of the Desert Storm, fuck people they are the only thing we have going for us in this regard at the moment, if they left then Greyweed if truly fucked.
Now our troop has been through some shit of late so I don’t mean ta come over as all emotional n touchy feely but fuck at this point if I had ta choose between our whee band n the rest of the town I pick our mismatched crew ta ride off in ta the sunset with, Pitbull’s gang included, hell even the old war horse himself has grown on me. So between this turn of events n Mercs less than inspiring leadership of late I’m simply thinking FUCK IT.

But as much as all this pisses me of I still can’t let a piece a shit outfit like the Hounds ride over top ah me, not without a fight, maybe gut a few n get a chance ta kill their ring leader, the bondage looking arsehole.

So I let Rum know of all these goings on n head over ta find the others, turns out Dez has mind fucked Marlon and half the town is now bleeding out of their ears n Nils has had a visit from Mr Look… Just another day in paradise…


Nils does not appreciate the comment about the schoolbus. He enjoys talking to all vehicles, not just buses. If this is an ill-judged attempt at comedy about his non-existent liking of small children, by someone who knows better, then shame on you Mr Smith. Stop it.

...Another day in paradise...

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